Like most things in life, there are a broad variety of Ayahuasca retreat options, and a number of factors that effect the safety, quality, and cost of an ayahuasca retreat:

Wellness Wednesday: How Psychedelic Plant Medicine Can Reset

August 19, 2020
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Jolene Hee | City Nomads

Once a fringe practice, psychedelic plant medicines are definitely having a moment. From ayahuasca to psilocybin (aka magic mushrooms), the potential of plant medicine to spark self-transformation is being rediscovered and scientifically proven.

Here’s the lowdown: research shows that entheogen plant medicines promote neurogenesis and neural plasticity. Since neuron atrophy plays a key role in mood disorders like anxiety and post-traumatic stress, plant medicines can facilitate spiritual healing and render our minds more open to a positive behavioural ‘reset’.

The key to safe treatment is, of course, a structured and expert-led program – and thankfully, there are now wellness services out there where you’ll be in good hands. One such trailblazer in Asia is Behold Retreats, which crafts bespoke retreats in diverse locations such as Peru and the Netherlands. To learn more about the healing potential of entheogen plant medicines, we spoke to the visionary behind Behold Retreats – Jonathan de Potter. Here, he shares with us his life-transforming first experience with psilocybin mushrooms.

To read Jolene Hee's full article on City Nomads, click here.

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