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The Toad 5-ME0 Bufo DMT Retreat

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The Toad DMT Retreat

What do we all want out of life? Love, connection, success, and to reach our highest potential. There is a magical little being that can take you there, a toad in particular. Now becoming more and more mainstream, 5 MeO DMT is becoming globally renowned in the mental health sphere for treating depression and anxiety and bringing people into self empowerment. It has been studied by many renowned universities such as John Hopkins, Maachright University and The State University of New York. The availability of research has increased public awareness, and people are curious, intrigued. 

Celebrities such as Mike Tyson, Hunter Biden, Christina Haack, and Chelsa Handler are going public about their life altering psychedelic experience through smoking this toad’s venom. Though retreats are still quite rare and difficult to find, they do exist. At Behold Retreats we do private 5 MeO DMT retreats as well as some group retreats in idyllic locations like Portugal and Mexico. The team consists of expert facilitators, healers, life coaches, and doctors to ensure that you are well supported during the beginning to end of the retreat. 

Many people know what ayahuasca retreats are like, but because 5 Meo DMT is so new and not common, there is not a public clarity around what it entails. In this article we will uncover what 5 MeO DMT is, the psychedelic experience of it, and how the ceremony plays out in the retreat as a whole. The more understanding we can shed on this medicine, the more people can feel empowered in the decisions they make when taking such an intense medicine.

The Toad

Bufo Alvarius or the Colorado River Toad is from America’s southwest, and is most commonly found in the Sonoran Desert. When this amphibian is scared, it secretes a venom, which is the origin of 5 Meo DMT. This bufo venom containing 5-MeO-DMT (5-methoxy-dimethyltrypta mine) is a highly intense psychedelic tryptamine. The toad’s poisonous  secretions hold Bufotenin, a tryptamine that is similar to the neurotransmitter serotonin and has similar compounds to psilocybin, a psychedelic mushroom. Bufo however is about six times more potent, meaning the ceremonies are very mentally intense, shattering illusions of reality.  

This substance can also be made synthetically which is much more ethical than traumatizing the toad to get it’s venom. The harvesting and consumption of the toad's secretions have escalated within the last few years, and the amphibian population is declining. Keeping ethics in mind, knowing where the Bufo comes from and that it was ethically sourced is important. Ecology and ethicality are vital to respecting mother Earth and her fruits of labor. The more the medicine is honored and respected, the richer the experience. 

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The Psychedelic Experience

Psychedelics disrupt our old models of belief and awaken us to what is truly possible in life. No matter if it is san pedro or mushrooms or toad venom, they all shake up our perception. We are able to depart from the conditioned way of thinking and the smallness of the egoic conditioned mind. 5 MeO DMT is called the God Molecule for a reason, there is a higher form of consciousness and intelligence that reclaims the body. The mind disappears and healing is called inward.

When smoking bufo for many there is an ego death, which means that the personality and the identifications that come with our false sense of self, disappear. We are more than our gender, our job, our familial role, our placement in society. The ego wants to attach to form, but love, truth, and beauty is formless. It is an energy, which is the foundation of what we are.

If all this sounds too abstract for you, think of the most transcendental mystical experience you have had and multiply it by ten. Euphoria and existential bliss is there if you can surrender. There is a loss of control in a good way, as there is nothing to do but receive the wisdom of the medicine. 

The sonoran desert toad experience only lasts around 20-45 minutes and there is no purging like ayahuasca. Psilocybin or magic mushrooms last hours, Bufo does not, but there is some overlap. There are poetic trippy visuals and epiphanies but it is more of a visceral sensation until everything disappears and you enter the emptiness of life, the space in between. This void happens with larger doses, with small doses there is visual sacred geometry and feelings of waves of ecstasy. Each experience with psychedelic medicine differs based on the story of the person and their intention. 

The Retreat

A 5 MeO DMT retreat is not anything like a yoga retreat for silo wellness or a normal detox retreat, although there is yoga, healthy food, and meditation involved in the process. It is also different from other psychedelic retreats such as doing ancestral medicine like ayahuasca because the ceremony itself is much shorter and less physically taxing. It is a bit more relaxed in preparation than other retreats that affect the physical body more heavily.  

At a good retreat center, one of the best in the world being Behold Retreats, there will be a team of expert facilitators, doctors, life coaches, and healers to work with you so you feel safe and secure.  Private retreats are tailor fit to your needs and you have the ability to have the most quality time with your facilitator. Group retreat sizes vary, but at Behold Retreats we keep them quite small, less than ten people to ensure that everyone gets a sufficient amount of attention. 

Mental and emotional preparation is given to teach you how to release emotions and clear your energetic channels so that the medicine can flow through you with ease without you resisting. You will also be asked about your intention. Your intention for the ceremony will set the tone for it. This is quite different from expectations, your intention simply empowers you with a reason for doing the ceremony and staying grounded in it during the psychedelic trip. 

Though Bufo is not as physically taxing as many other plant medicines there is still preparation not only mentally but physically, as the body mind is one organism that is interconnected. Physically, there should be a healthy diet days prior consisting of primarily nourishing raw vegetarian meals. 

At Behold Retreats there are a variety of healing activities of your choice, acupuncture, massage, energy work, yoga, meditation, and counseling. All activities are to provide a wholesome heart centered retreat, aimed at spiritual development.  


When partaking in such a transformative, otherworldly  experience how do you bring all you have learned back down to Earth? There are tools and support we provide you with at Behold Retreats that helps you carry the wisdom of the medicine outside of just the ceremony. The mission is for you to have contact with your higher self and  to be able to return to presence and the divine easily. 

Instead of falling back into old habits and behavioral modes, integration helps to keep the new updated system of consciousness. Some of the techniques for integration are contemplating the experience as the witness and journaling down the ceremony to dissect it, and to meditate with living awareness upon the experience.

Sourcing the lessons from even the harder emotional experiences can be necessary in order to grow. Life coaches and therapists help you to unravel the mental phenomena and take the wisdom into your daily happenings. Plant medicine is healing for self love, creating more intimate relationships, and bringing clarity around our lifestyle and careers. The realizations can be big and intense and change the course of your life. Change for the better is inevitable.

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Behold Retreats facilitates private retreats and small group plant medicine retreats in Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain, with either Bufo, Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, or San Pedro.
They provide a comprehensive 7-week life-accelerator program to help you prepare and integrate your experience alongside 1-1 coaching or therapy sessions with one of their expert team members.


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