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Weekend Bufo (5-MeO-DMT) Retreat in Portugal

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About Your Weekend Bufo Retreat in Portugal

Experience transformation at our intimate Weekend Bufo Retreats, limited to 2-6 participants for a deeply personal and effective healing journey. Our retreat is designed for those seeking a significant shift in their life perspective, surrounded by the serene beauty of Portugal. Whether you are in private villas by the ocean, eco-friendly retreat centers, or exploring hidden beaches, each location fosters deep connection with nature and self. Kindly note the retreat villa and location may vary by seasonality.

Our professional team, experienced in psychedelic facilitation and compassionate care, ensures personalized attention throughout your stay. Engage in daily guided yoga and meditation to enhance your presence and connection, complemented by optional somatic therapies like massage and bodywork, provided by our skilled on-site therapists.

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From the moment you join us, you'll receive one-on-one attention from our professional, compassionate, and highly-experienced facilitation team. Each member is deeply committed to your healing journey, offering a personalized approach that respects your individual path. 

We invite you to request a discovery call to explore our serene locations and what makes each setting unique.


Unwavering Support

Throughout your stay, our dedicated team will be at your side, providing unwavering support by our skilled 5-MeO-DMT / Bufo ceremony facilitators and professional staff that will grant your safety.

Broad Retreat Activities

Our retreat extends beyond the ceremonies. We offer a variety of activities designed to enhance your experience and foster deep, meaningful integration:

  • Daily Movement Classes: Engage your body and mind with yoga or gentle stretching tailored to enhance your healing process.
  • Guided Flow and Sweat Lodge Ceremonies (depending on location): Participate in these ancient practices that cleanse and rejuvenate both body and spirit.
  • Sharing Circles: A safe space to express your thoughts and feelings, gaining insights from the experiences of others.
  • Tools for Successful Integration: Learn techniques to incorporate the insights and breakthroughs from your retreat into your daily life.

Voluntary Participation

We believe in the sovereignty of your experience. Every activity, including the Bufo ceremonies, is completely voluntary. Should you choose to spend a day in reflection, rest, or integration on your own, we support your decision. Our goal is to be responsive to your needs, helping you navigate your journey day by day with the utmost care and respect.

Included in Your Weekend Experience:

  • Safety Medical Screening
  • Up to 2 Bufo Ceremonies (the facilitator will be the judge)
  • Daily Movement and Breathwork Sessions
  • Choice of Private or Shared Accommodations
  • High Vibrational Meals and Nourishment
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Experienced Support Team
  • Stunning Natural Surroundings
  • Preparation and Integration Coaching
  • Digital Detox Environment
  • Travel Assistance and Complimentary Airport Shuttles
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3-Night Bufo Retreat Program

(This schedule works only as a guide and is subject to change.)

Day 1: Welcome Day, Preparation and Nurturing

  • 2:00 PM Arrival
  • Introduction Circle: Overview of the retreat, meet and greet.
  • Preparation Activities:some text
    • Understand personal breathing patterns through breathing and somatic exercises.
    • Relax the nervous system with massage sessions.
    • One-on-one session with a facilitator to discuss expectations and dietary preparations. 
    • Engage in journaling and guided self-paced activities.
    • Evening sharing session around a fire circle or candle night,, with sound bath or relaxing music.

Day 2: Bufo Introduction

  • 8:00 AM Morning Activities: Yoga, meditation, or movement exercises like qigong.
  • Breakfast followed by a short break
  • 12:30 PM Light lunch buffet
  • 3:30-5:30 PM Bufo Handshake: Introductory dose experience. 
  • Post-Session Activities:some text
    • Spend time walking in nature, journaling, and reading.
    • 6:30 PM Dinner
    • Evening sharing session around a fire or a circle or candle night, with sound bath or relaxing music.

Day 3: Bufo Full Experience and Integration

  • 8:00 AM Morning Activities: Yoga, meditation, or qigong.
  • 9:30 AM -12:00 PM Bufo Full Dose Session
  • Buffet breakfast followed by a short break
  • 1:30-3:30 PM Light lunch buffet
  • Integration/Landing Time: Post-session reflection and integration, or additional sessions as needed.
  • 6:30 PM Dinner
  • 7:30 PM Sharing session around a fire or a circle or candle night, with sound bath or relaxing music

Day 4: Departure Day

  • 8:00 AM (flexible) Morning Activities: Optional yoga, meditation, or movement exercises.
  • Break and Packing: Preparing for departure.
  • Full Breakfast
  • 10-11 AM Departure


Single room per person:

  • Full Price: $4,500 USD

Double Room per person

  • Full Price: $2,800 USD

Dates & Availability

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Dates & Availability

Your Facilitators and Healers

Our hand-picked team of experienced and caring facilitators and healers are always on hand to guide you through your journey.


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Ceremony 1

Rest Day

Ceremony 2

Ceremony 3


Arrival and check-in
Light breakfast
Free time
Lagoon-side picnic breakfast
Light breakfast
Sunrise meditation
Early morning bufo ceremony
Lagoon swimming and bufo ceremony
Bufo ceremony
Breathwork class
Farewell breakfast
At Leisure
Reiki session
Free time
Evening cacao ceremony & fire sharing circle
Welcome dinner