Our passion emanates from our own therapeutic experiences, and the range of opportunities we see to improve the experiences and outcomes for others.

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We are rapidly assembling a team passionate about plant medicine therapy, and its ability to improve lives.

Jonathan de Potter.


Jonathan is an advocate for mental health, a lover of ideas, and a reformed strategy consultant. Before founding Behold Retreats, he spent his career advising F500 companies on go-to-market and digital transformation.

Facilitators & Coaches.


Program Facilitator, Coach, and Plant Medicine Healer

Cécile helps to open the minds of others through her ability to show others another way of looking at things. With her constantly enquiring mind, she has built up a great reservoir for the sake of helping others resolve their questions and clarify their decisions.


Program Facilitator, Coach, and Plant Medicine Healer

Misha is a master healer in the quantum field, spiritual mentor, rainmaker, and entrepreneur.He spent two decades studying spirituality and the quantum field and is an expert at quantum field re-patterning.


Sarah-Jones Radcliffe.

Elevation Team | Hong Kong

Alice Sitar.

Elevation Team | Isreal

Sara Verre.

Elevation Team | Netherlands

Michael Fanini.

Elevation Team | USA

Andra Izgarian.

Connections Team | Thailand

Nuri Alibay.

Connections Team | Thailand

Vishwas Mahara.

Connections Team | India

Camille Malloch.

Connections Team | Australia

Mamta Tawania.

Connections Team | India

David Schmidt

Invitation Team | USA / Thailand

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We are grateful for guidance and support broad range of advisors including plant medicine experts, coaches, therapists, doctors, ethnobotanists, spiritual teachers, and entrepreneurs.