Facilitators & Healers.

Daniel Yepez
Costa Rica

Facilitator & Medicine Man

Daniel Yepez, Behold Retreats Facilitator
Daniel has lived for nearly 20 years in Costa Rica, dedicating the past 12 to researching plant medicines and facilitating transformational journeys with Ayahuasca, Yopo, Yage, Jurema, Bufo, and Iboga.

Originally from Venezuela, and raised in America, Daniel brings a high degree of conscientiousness and care to the design of his retreats, and loves to integrate high quality sound and instrumentation to amplify the experiences.

Tanya Rozenthal

Facilitator, Healer, & Therapist

Tanya has more than 15 years of experience  as a body-focused coach, psychotherapist, Kundalini yoga teacher, musician and healer. She was inspired by several mystical, shamanic and yogic healing traditions and integrates her expertise with a unique blend of compassion, wisdom and humour.

As a facilitator she holds space to bring light deep-rooted and persistent traumas, core wounds and hidden obstructive patterns in family, women's and men's lineages - providing foundation for transformation, healing, and integration. 

She specializes in deep body and process work, sex and intimacy coaching, trauma work, ancestral medicine work and healing the feminine.

Portugal & Spain

Facilitator & Healer

Oskar, Behold Retreats Facilitator
OzKar is an intuitive and experienced healer having began his spiritual journey 20 years ago. He has vast experience working with the medicine Bufo Alvarius (5-MeO-DMT). He is gentle and knowledgeable while preparing clients before a journey, ensuring that they have all the tools they need to surrender to the healing experience. 

His warm, kind, and grounding energy is ever-present. He is equipped with many tools to help you integrate your experience and  will be there to support you at all times during your retreat. He is a gifted energy healer and bodyworker.

Jonathan Miller-Weisberger
Costa Rica & Ecuador

Retreat Director & Facilitator

Jonathan Miller-Weisberger, Behold Retreats Facilitator
Ethnobotanist Jonathon Miller Weisberger has spent the past twenty-nine years studying rainforest plant medicine traditions. Since 1996 he has organized biannual “Rainforest Medicine Councils,” experiential workshops journeys, for personal, community and planetary renewal, that have offered participants an intimate opportunity to meet and learn from cultural adepts.

His book “Rainforest Medicine – Preserving Indigenous Science and Biodiversity in the Upper Amazon” was published in 2013. He is the steward of Ocean Forest Ecolodge, where he guides rainforest experiences, tending the garden and overseeing operations. 


Jonathan de Potter.


Jonathan de Potter
Jonathan is an advocate for mental health, a lover of ideas, and a reformed strategy consultant. Before founding Behold Retreats, he spent his career advising F500 companies on go-to-market and digital transformation.

Sarah-Jones Radcliffe.

Customer Experience
Hong Kong

Alice Sitar.

Customer Experience

Sara Verre.

Community & Practitioners

Andra Izgarian.

Marketing & Digital

Michael Fanini.


Nuri Alibay.

Creative & Social

Vishwas Mahara.

Marketing & Analytics

Camille Malloch.

Digital & Web

Mamta Tawania.

Research & Social

David Schmidt

Customer Experience
USA / Thailand

Coaches and Therapists.

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