We are rapidly assembling a team passionate about plant medicine therapy, and its ability to improve lives.

Our passion emanates from our own therapeutic experiences, and the range of opportunities we see to improve the experiences and outcomes for others.

More team and advisory announcements coming soon!


Elevation Team | Hong Kong

Sarah-Jones Radcliffe.

Elevation Team | Hong Kong

Alice Sitar.

Elevation Team | Isreal

Sara Verre.

Elevation Team | Netherlands

Jonathan de Potter.


Michael Fanini.

Elevation Team | USA

Andra Izgarian.

Connections Team | Thailand

Nuri Alibay.

Connections Team | Thailand

Vishwas Mahara.

Connections Team | India

Camille Malloch.

Connections Team | Australia

Mamta Tawania.

Connections Team | India

David Schmidt

Invitation Team | USA / Thailand


Scott Hussa.

Advisor, Retreats & Facilitation | Costa Rica

More coming soon

Daniel Cleland.


Daniel is the Founding Partner and CEO of Soltara retreat centre in Costa Rica. Daniel is the author of  Pulse of the Jungle: Ayahuasca, Adventures and Social Enterprise in the Amazon, and brings years of experience working with plant medicine in Central and South America.

Lorna Liana.


Lorna is the Founder of a leader in research on plant medicine and psychedelics. Lorna is a digital nomad, media strategist, and online coach, with a background in marketing and technology.