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Facilitators & Healers


Facilitator & Medicine Man

Costa Rica

Pablo is the founder of Yawarapu Non-governmental organization for the preservation of medicines, customs, and life of the Piaroa tribe of Venezuela.

Pablo studied extensively under the tutelage of Grandfather José Antonio Bolivar, the senior shaman of the Piaroa people, since 2011. Since then, Pablo has been carrying medicine as his healing service to create an experience of consciousness expansion.


Facilitator & Healer


OzKar is an intuitive and experienced healer having began his spiritual journey 20 years ago. He has vast experience working with the medicine Bufo Alvarius (5-MeO-DMT). He is gentle and knowledgeable while preparing clients before a journey, ensuring that they have all the tools they need to surrender to the healing experience. 

His warm, kind, and grounding energy is ever-present. He is equipped with many tools to help you integrate your experience and  will be there to support you at all times during your retreat. He is a gifted energy healer and bodyworker.


Facilitator, Healer, & Therapist

Netherlands & Portugal

Tanya has more than 15 years of experience  as a body-focused coach, psychotherapist, Kundalini yoga teacher, musician and healer. She was inspired by several mystical, shamanic and yogic healing traditions and integrates her expertise with a unique blend of compassion, wisdom and humour.

As a facilitator she holds space to bring light deep-rooted and persistent traumas, core wounds and hidden obstructive patterns in family, women's and men's lineages - providing foundation for transformation, healing, and integration. 

She specializes in deep body and process work, sex and intimacy coaching, trauma work, ancestral medicine work and healing the feminine.


Facilitator, Healer & Transpersonal Coach

Netherlands and Portugal

Sara loves to share her gifts of working with subtle energies and communication while at the same time embodying a grounded, calm, and centered presence. Her natural ability to support people in the most vulnerable processes in an  ecological and attuned way  is complimented by a gentle, connected, and heart-centered energy.

As a transpersonal coach and energy healer she has been incorporating plant medicine for over a decade in her personal healing journey. She studied various healing arts while traveling the world for many years, which inspire her to create space for the energetic exploration of body and mind modalities;  yoga, breathwork, meditation, movement, and mindfulness.  

As a preparation and integration coach she  incorporates NLP,  open awareness, thought inquiry, and emotional processing techniques to help people connect with their divine nature -  finding purpose, joy and love.  


Guest Success, Health Coach & Retreat Facilitator


Luke is a retreat facilitator and ceremonialist with over 10 years experience in creating safe spaces for group and individual healing.  

Along with a grounded understanding of retreat production logistics, Luke serves as an Integrative Health Practitioner, Kambo facilitator, ceremonial musician, massage therapist, breath coach, QiGong and meditation guide.  His passion for the healing arts has led him to immersive studies in Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, Costa Rica, Mexico, and the United States.


Transformational Coach, healer & Tantra therapist
Netherlands and Portugal

Charlotte’s life mission is to support you to live your deepest truth and potential,  and to guide you through the transformative processes that lead you there.  For 15 years she has created and facilitated programs for inner growth, spiritual growth, conscious relationships, healing and transformation. 

Charlotte is a dedicated facilitator and integration counselor for psychedelic experiences and her own journey with altered states of consciousness, healing,  and energy work makes her an experienced guide for the integration of your journey into everyday life. Charlotte is also a leadership trainer and entrepreneur in the corporate world for 20 years. 

Depending on your needs and situation, Charlotte guides you through the process with a holistic approach, which can include: Transformational coaching and soul listening, healing and energy work, body-sensing, NLP coaching  and hypno-coaching.


Facilitator & Sound Healer


Miguel Leon has been on the path of self development for over 20 years exploring physical, mental and spiritual health.

10 years ago he was introduced to Grandmother Ayahuasca and Los Niños (the mushrooms) which opened up a new area of investigation and exploration of consciousness. Since 5 years he has been assisting and helping in the ceremonial space and this last 3 years co-facilitating and playing music during ceremonies.

He has certifications in the areas of:
Sound Therapy, Yoga 500h, Personal Training, Massage Therapy and Mental training with additional studies in Sport Psychology, Leadership and Qi Gong.

Now, he uses all his skills and experience to create healing and transformational experience for people.

Coaches and Therapists

We are grateful for guidance and support broad range of advisors including plant medicine experts, coaches, therapists, doctors, ethnobotanists, spiritual teachers, and entrepreneurs.

Justine Baruch

Transformational Coach 

Justine’s own journey through health and wellness, personal development and spirituality has naturally unfolded into a coaching practice and running retreats around the world. Her degree in Psychology and Sociology, as well as being a facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie and Compassionate Inquiry, helps her to navigate the body, mind and emotions in an integrated way. 

She facilitates one-on-one and group Ayahuasca journeys as well as supports individuals in the preparatory and integration phases. Over the last 15 years of extensive studies and direct experience she has learned to help people become more embodied, empowered and accountable and live a more connected and conscious life.

Mark Drummond Davis

Psychotherapist and Transformational Coach

Mark is a licensed clinical social worker based in Corvallis, Oregon. He studied comparative literature at Harvard, psychodynamic psychotherapy at Smith College School for Social Work, Zen Buddhism with Kwan Um Zen Master Bon Soeng, and psychedelic integration coaching with Shiri Malcolm Godasi.

He is the founder of Nondual Psychedelic Integration, a private psychotherapy and transformational coaching practice committed to holistically optimizing your psychedelic growth with a personalized blend of somatic, mindfulness-based, nondual, and neuroscience-informed approaches.

In early 2023, per Oregon's groundbreaking legislation, he will begin offering guided psychedelic journeys as a fully licensed psilocybin mushroom facilitator.

Mark's compassionate presence radiates through his deeply experiential sessions, living meditations that transcend the limits of talk therapy by immersing you in the oceanic wonder of being.

Sean Chiddy

Psychologist and CBT Psychotherapist

With a long-standing interest in healing an wellbeing, Sean trained and registered as a psychologist in Australia and later as a Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapist in the UK, supporting people working with various common mental health conditions including depression, trauma (PTSD), and various other mood and anxiety problems. 

He is known for his compassionate and down to earth manner. After beginning his work with ayahuasca and other plant medicines in 2011 he moved to Peru in 2015 working at one of the most respected ayahuasca centres there along with the facilitating a successful workshop series called Mindfulness and the Medicine.

Leyla Dim

Psychotherapist and Coach

Leyla’s a therapist by trade for many moons and a spiritual seeker for many more years. Her specialty is integrative therapies, with a focus on energy medicine. With significant training in trauma and anxiety treatments, clinical hypnosis and altered states of consciousness she is well equipped to hold space for those seeking a deeper experience of themselves and their reality.

Over the last 20 years Leyla has created an experiential approach in her clinical work that reflects the multifaceted foundation of all her personal and professional development. Her personal development has followed a more indigenous path and from that her teaching and therapeutic process has evolved to bridge the best of both the clinical and the metaphysical. This has been instrumental in being more effective in working in non-ordinary realities with others.

Alexa Ellis

Integration Counselor and Transformation Coach

With a highly personalized and heart-centered approach, Alexa will empower you with the tools and practices essential for continued growth and self-discovery. Through both talk therapy and experiential based mindfulness, Alexa utilizes modalities of Depth Psychology, Internal Family Systems, Relational/ Cultural, and Yin Yoga Therapy with techniques of nervous system entrainment, neuroscience-psychoeducation, and the appropriate implementation of mythology, ritual, and ancestral connection.

Alexa serves as a mental health integration counselor, creative coach, grief companion, and death doula by implementing her Masters in Holistic Counseling & Eco-Expressive Arts, a Bachelor degree in Humanistic Psychology (Brown University), and ten years on the path of ritual healing, grief processing, and plant medicine.

Paul Menze

Psychologist and Accredited Coach

For more than 20 years Paul's mission is to help others maximize the beneficial effects of psychedelic experiences, with a focus on proper preparation and integration. In the late nineties he started organizing sessions with Psilocybin truffles, Salvia Divinorum, Ayahuasca, San Pedro and other psychedelics in small groups. 

He completed his Master’s of Psychology, specializing in the field of drugs and addictions at Utrecht University,  where he conducted research around the safety of Psilocybin and wrote his thesis on Ayahuasca in ritual and therapeutic settings. After many years of working as a psychologist at two rehab clinics and with his own private practice,  his focus shifted to helping healthy and resourceful people develop more awareness and structure around the life they truly want to live as a coach.  

His coaching style is  based on his background in psychology, coaching, meditation, breathwork and of course his own experiences of using psychedelics for professional, personal, and spiritual growth. He will be there along the way to provide guidance and confidence to help you develop the trust, strength, and feeling of security necessary for an effective and purposeful journey of growth and change.

Medical & Safety

Dr. Matthew Hicks


Matthew is a naturopathic physician licensed in Oregon. He also holds a master's degree in medical research and a certificate in psychedelic therapy and research from the California Institute of Integral Studies.

He founded Synaptic Integrative Care and Training Institute where he practices integrative mental health including ketamine-assisted therapy and provides training to practitioners of entheogenic medicine.

As a veteran himself, he is proud to be an Ambassador for the Heroic Hearts Project and is the host of the Integrative Psychiatry Review podcast.

Organizing The Magic

Jonathan de Potter


Jonathan de Potter
Jonathan is an advocate for mental health, a lover of ideas, and a reformed strategy consultant. Before founding Behold Retreats, he spent his career advising F500 companies on go-to-market and digital transformation.

Andra Izgarian

Marketing & Digital

Vishwas Mahara

Marketing & Analytics

Camille Malloch

Digital & Web

Mamta Tawania

Research & Social

Drew Clement

Customer Experience


Customer Experience

Roxanne  Noor


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