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Jordan Poyer

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Jordan Poyer's journey from an NFL all-star to a seeker of self through Ayahuasca is a powerful tale of transformation, reflection, and growth. Once a seventh-round pick from Oregon State, Poyer has not only made his mark on the field as one of the NFL's most respected players but also embarked on a profound personal journey that led him to our sacred Costa Rica location partaking in a 6-Night all-inclusive Ayahuasca retreat experience. His experience was transformative, allowing him to share a space of healing and discovery with others, including his family, fostering a deeper connection to mind, body, and soul.

Poyer's decision to join the Miami Dolphins came amidst this very period of self-discovery, symbolizing a new chapter in his life both professionally and personally. His story is not just about change but about embracing new beginnings with openness and gratitude. Through Ayahuasca, he sought to reset, to let go of past traumas, and to evolve, illustrating a powerful narrative of personal growth against the backdrop of a demanding sports career.

Jordan Poyer on what exactly is a Temazcal Ceremony?

His journey is also a testament to the healing power of Ayahuasca, a tool used by many to confront and overcome deep-seated issues, from buried childhood and adult trauma, PTSD, and various addictions. For Poyer, it was about finding clarity, understanding the universe's polarity, and recognizing the potential within himself to overcome any challenge. It wasn't just a journey for him but for his family too, bringing them closer and allowing them to heal together.

The experience has evidently reshaped Poyer, making him a beacon of strength, resilience, and enlightenment in the demanding world of professional sports. His story encourages others to seek their path to self-discovery and healing, emphasizing the importance of mental and spiritual well-being alongside physical prowess.

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As Poyer integrates his transformative experiences into his life and career with the Miami Dolphins, he stands as a testament to the profound impact personal growth can have on professional success and personal fulfillment. His journey from the NFL to Ayahuasca and back again is a compelling narrative of a man who dared to explore beyond the physical realm to find his true essence and emerge stronger, more connected, and ready to face the next chapter of his life with a renewed sense of purpose and understanding.

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“I wish I could put into words what transpired this week. I’m forever grateful for this experience & I’m filled with so much love and gratitude for everyone who I shared space with this week, for my family , my beautiful wife, beautiful daughter & all of you. Often, we hold so much inside, the traumas, fear, the bad decisions, the hardships, the heartbreaks, death & so many others.
Whether consciously & most of the time subconsciously, we store them in our bodies & minds. To never confront them. Allowing yourself to learn & grow to being the best version of you. Your true essence. We’re taught so many things backwards, “don’t cry, be tough, don’t laugh be silent, don’t love” …It’s hard. 
When we hold these things in, it’s very very hard to evolve as a person & as human beings and see the joy in life. We are a collective. no matter the race, religion etc . Your true essence is inside of you and always has been. We just ignore every single sign that God is giving us each and every second of the day. We’re too busy…being too busy. We are human BEings, not human DOings.‍
Get back to loving yourself. It’s you. It’s always been you & will forever be you. Reconnect with yourself. Remember your purpose. THIS is what mother aya teaches us. The true power you hold within. Ayahuasca is not a drug…Ayahuasca is a plant TEACHER. A Technology from our forests that God put here for us to Learn. Grow. expand. Create. LOVE! We are just guests here, whatever religion you believe in, intelligence is all around you all the time. We just need to learn how to be more aware to see it. Thank you Resonance & Behold Retreats teams for allowing me to come back & bring my friends & family. Thank you @costarebelo & your team for 3 amazing ceremonies. BIG thank you to my mother. For trusting me. & also showing everyone in our group how strong you truly are. When in doubt , Always ,ALWAYS…know it’s love💫❤️”

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