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Why Are Rich People Smoking Toad Venom? (The Real Reason...)

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Why Are Rich People Smoking Toad Venom? (The Actual Reason...)


Why is toad venom becoming so popular? Why are celebrities and public figures partaking in this psychedelic experience? Why do rich people love this magical toad Bufo Alvarius

With an increase in media presence from public figures like Mike Tyson, Chelsea Handler, Christina Haack, and Hunter Biden, toad venom is entering the mainstream.  Bufo, also known as the God Molecule, is attracting coverage by publications such as The New York Times and becoming recognized by scientific research for its healing properties.  According to recent studies done by John Hopkins University, 5-MeO-DMT is proven to substantially lower rates of anxiety and depression, and increase alignment to purpose and overall life satisfaction. 


5 MeO DMT also called Bufo Alvarius is meant for all people who want to awaken and are in suitable mental and physical conditions to go on the thirty-minute journey. However, specifically more and more wealthy people are partaking in this psychedelic experience. The dichotomy is this rare medicine has humble roots, it is taken from the venom of a toad from the Sonoran desert. 


More and more people are wanting to journey into higher realms with 5MeO DMT ceremonies, and many of those people are of a higher income. So the question is, why are rich people smoking toad venom? 


The cost of privilege


Bufo is rarer and less common than psychedelics like ayahuasca or psilocybin High-quality retreats and ceremonies are difficult to find. The substance itself is mystical and not commonly shared readily and easily.

Apart from its inaccessibility, to partake in expansion of consciousness, healing, and self empowerment is a huge privilege. Most people are in survival mindset, so busy working for the next paycheck, taking care of their families, that exploring their consciousness is not an option. To be introspective is a privilege. To have the money to spend on self betterment is a privilege. To even be debating whether or not to do a plant medicine retreat is a privilege. 

And with this privilege comes a responsibility, we have more choices and we have more ability to give. There is a duty to ourselves and the world when our survival and emotional needs are met. Rich people have ‘made it’ and there is a need to explore other realms of reality. 


Time is money

When time is money, it becomes very valuable. We are living in a finite span of time in this lifetime, and even for those who are not obscenely wealthy is still matters. When you are compressed for time, from work and family demands, it becomes crucial to manage time. 

Many wealthy people feel that they don't have enough time, rushing from one state of doing things to the next, next business deal, the next acquisition, the next conquership.

Time is one of the most valuable assets we have, and what we choose to do with it, shapes us. 5MeO DMT is a short ceremony with great long lasting effects. In reality Bufo is only thirty minutes long with substantial long lasting effects. In this thirty minute span of time, time collapses into itself. There is no feeling of it being thirty minutes or give hours or two months. We see the illusory nature of time. It is a sort of cosmic joke. We know to honor it on this plane of reality, but we see that the most important time is now. The future is just a thought, as the past is. We learn to center ourselves in the present. 


Much needed ego death


When personality structures dissipate and the ego weakens, there is less of a sense of separation. Oftentimes, when people become rich they build walls to protect, and keep our sense of security. Wealth is a separation, more space, more gated communities, more division. 


In the ego dissolution there is a sense of oneness, less of a vertical hierarchical structure. There is less of a sense of competition for status or wealth, and a meeting in the humanness. When the ego dies even if it is momentary, this is the feeling of joy, we can fully connect with the whole. 

 Michael Pollan wrote a book about hallucinogens and his psychedelic experience with smoking toad venom. He said "You realize that you're not necessarily identical to your ego. He's kind of a character that inhabits you. It's great to have him in the driver's seat when you're trying to write a book, or get something hard done, but it's also not necessarily your best self. It's the self that defends you against strong emotions, your subconscious, other people, and really being open to experience and the minds of others."

When we lose our sense of self is actually when most of us are most blissful. When you dance and there is no dancer just rhythm, when you ski and it is just the snow and the act of becoming one with natural forces, when you make love and there is just the presence. In all these cases there is a type of ego death. We want the present moment more than our thoughts that take us away from the now. We want to go beyond ourselves. 


Going inwards


As The Notorious BIG so eloquently said “mo money, mo problems”. More money, more to safeguard and protect. More money, more mental stress in trying to keep the wealth and cling to it. More money, more focus on the material world. 


Many people enter the spiritual plane because they realize that they got everything they thought they wanted and it still is not enough. People are spiritually impoverished and rich people come to spirit after realizing that all the things in the material world cannot fill the empty hole within. You cannot search externally for what lies within. 


5 MeO DMT is beyond the seeking mind and its traps. More is better becomes a social myth, and life is altered down to its simplicity. The saying goes “more money more problems”, but it does not have to be this way when we realize the problems are self created and illusory. Bufo provides a sharpening of the senses to the vital elements of the human existence. 


You can buy and experience all the things in the world but if your state of being is the same, which is disturbed and not present, it does not mean anything. We all want mental peace and security, we think money can bring this, but it can only come from feeling it from the inside out. 

When leaving the material plane of existence, we see the foundation of life, which is energy. During a 5 MeO DMT ceremony, many people have mystical experiences that alter them forever. They are forced to confront themselves and look at their mental health.

As Jim Carey once said, “I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it's not the answer.”

The answer is not out there, it has always been deep inside. Bufo peels off the layers and the muck and brings us back to the simplicity and richness of the self. 

Releasing control

Many people with exuberant amounts of wealth have issues with the process of surrender. They are used to controlling their external environment to get what they want, whether in negotiations or in partnership. Losing control means potentially losing money or status.

But control is a grand illusion, and Bufo laughs in its face. For those that can surrender to the divine, to higher order, the medicine speaks clearly. When you trust life, you do not need to control it. When you trust your partner, you do not need to control him or her. When you trust your employees you do not need to micromanage them.

In losing control, we give ourselves to trusting the process. Surrender can be learned simply from experiencing it. It is a spiritual muscle we must develop, and 5MeO DMT ceremonies help with the surrender process. We must have the humility to admit that we do not really know what is best for us, we must remain open to the mystery of life without trying to control it. 


Increasing consciousness


When we increase in consciousness we become more effective leaders, better partners, and stronger leaders.  In a higher state of consciousness, we can make clearer decisions and actions based on right livelihood rather than greed and corruption. We learn how to treat our employees better and people want to support our vision, whether it is in our corporation or at home. 


We are more aware of the landscape of our inner beings, and we are not involved in reactivity or its opposite, suppression. There is a clearer way of seeing the self and the world, both expressions of one another.


Anxiety and depression naturally decrease, as both are thoughts of the past or future, the present moment does not demand either state. Companies such as GH Research and Beckley Psytech are involved in clinical research trials using 5-MeO-DMT for treatment-resistant depression. The results have been overwhelmingly positive and the risks low. 


There is a saying “when you see, you cannot unsee”. It is difficult to fall back into old destructive habits and poor mental health loops when you are aware of them. We then choose the way in which we want to live. 


Moving forward

Expanding consciousness should be available to all people, and it can be done when staying present in whatever moment we are in. Bufo is simply a great tool, and for those that have a higher income, it can be the push to a higher state of being. 

Since 5 MeO DMT is not as easy to find as other types of ayahuasca or psilocybin retreats it is important to make an informed choice. Though this medicine is transformative and healing, it needs to be held in the right set and setting to go the full distance. 

At Behold Retreats we offer small group ceremonies and private retreats in idyllic natural locations. For those with a higher margin of wealth, the private retreats are tailor-fit to your needs.


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Behold Retreats is the leading choice for safe, legal high-end retreats with 5-MeO-DMT (Bufo Alvarius), ayahuasca, and psilocybin.  Behold offers a 7-Week Coaching Program for optimized preparation and integration. Behold also offers both private and group retreat in Mexico, Portugal, Costa Rica, and the Netherlands. Reach out to request  a 1 on 1 discovery 


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