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Upcoming Ayahuasca Retreat: What to Bring, What to Leave

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Ayahuasca Retreats - What to Bring with You and What to Leave Behind

Packing for an Ayahuasca retreat feels much different than packing for a yoga or meditation retreat, and the tendency is often to bring a lot more than we need. In this blog, we'll share a basic packing list to help simplify the process.

What to bring.

A common mistake that many people make when packing for an Ayahuasca retreat is to bring way more than they actually need.  Perhaps it's the nature of crossing into unknown territory and its limitless possibilities that creates a cascade of questions, perhaps even anxiety, about how to be bsest prepared for every situation imaginable.  

This is totally normal, so don’t feel bad if you come back from your retreat with 6 pairs of untouched socks.  

A lot of things on this list are pretty intuitive, so you can just think of this as a fool-proof foundation.  You might want to bring more this, which is totally up to you, but these are the essentials.

  • Toothbrush & a natural toothpaste
  • Natural, biodegradable soap & shampoo (Dr. Bronner's is a great choice)
  • Non-toxic sunblock and/or a sun hat if you’re going somewhere tropical and you’re not accustomed to equatorial sun.
  • Aluminum, paraben, and phthalate-free deodorant.  Avoid “antiperspirants” as they clog the pores and promote toxicity.
  • DEET free bug repellant (we like Herbal Armor)
  • Weather-appropriate clothing and footwear - usually one pair of flips flops, one pair of shoes is sufficient.
  • Reusable water bottle (we recommend stainless steel or a BPA free plastic).
  • Small flashlight or headlamp
  • Earplugs and/oor eye mask if you're a light sleeper.
  • Ceremony appropriate attire - something comfortable, breathable.  
  • Personal sacred objects - photos, talismans, or anything you’d like to put on the altar.
  • A scarf of shall for chilly nights in ceremony - they can happen, even in the jungle
  • A journal and a good pen

A note on ceremonial attire. It can be nice to dress up a little for ceremony, but it certainly doesn't have to be anything formal. You can imagine you're going to see a beloved relative, attend a sacred gathering, or perhaps a blind date, Many people like to wear white, but this is usually just a suggestion rather than a hard rule. More importantly, come clear.  Honor the temple of your body with a nice shower and a clear pair of clothes, but keep it relatively simple for practical purposes ie- not too many buttons, buckles, and bows.  This is for nothing else than for avoiding technical difficulties should you need a quick trip to the bathroom.

A note on personal hygiene.  As you can see. we highly recommend using natural, biodegradable personal care products.  Besides being harmful to your body and Earth (there’s really no difference, after all) Ayahuasca very commonly awakens a sensitivity to synthetic chemicals, especially fragrances, and products that have never bothered you before might suddenly become offensive.  Be ahead of the game an pack with some extra love for Mother Earth.

Ready for an Ayahausca retreat in small group of thoroughly-vetted guests? We would love to hear from you.


What to Leave Behind.

Truly, the most important thing to leave behind is expectations about what the ceremony is going to be like, how the medicine is going to meet you, and pretty much everything you've heard. Of course, it's hard to rid ourselves of all expectation, but it becomes more difficult if we spend too much time watching YouTube videos about Ayahuasca, or listening to other people’s stories.  

Your time post-retreat is a great time to share stories, but there’s something valuable about coming into the ceremony without any preconceived expectations.  This way, the experience can be truly yours to cherish.  

Spending less time with media in general is recommended.  Without so much mental stimulation (most of which tends towards the negative) you might find yourself in a quieter, more peaceful state of mind as you enter your retreat.

As you step onto the airplane…

Thank yourself. You have made the choice to do something incredible which could truly change your life forever.  Give yourself some gratitude for making a decision that a lot of people don’t have the ability to make, much less the willingness to do so.  

Packing for a trip abroad certainly has it’s logistics, but remember, at the end of the day, you already are everything you need. Let your heart lead the way, and you’ll never get lost.

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