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Psychedelics Beyond Mental Health 

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Psychedelics Beyond Mental Health 

If you've been paying attention to the hundreds of science and media articles on psychedelics, you might by led to believe that psychedelics are for people who have something wrong with them, for healing mental health disorders.

Psychedelics are not for mental health any more than your car is for taking you to work. Yes, going to work is one possible way to use your car, but that's not what your car is FOR.

Your car is for expanding your access to God's green Earth. It is a vehicle for multiplying your range, your options, and your joie de vivre. It is for road trips and adventures with loved ones. A car can also be for picnics and attending birthday parties. It can be a way to express your identity, or doing so by attempting not to.

The only limit is how you choose to drive it, and where you decide to go.

In the same way, with the right guidance, psychedelics can absolutely be used to cure mental health issues, but that's not what they are only for. It is not their primary function, it just happens to be many people's primary need. Plant medicine is used in treatment of mental health, cancer, and addiction, but it extends beyond the realm of healing.

To write is to reduce, so even attempting to express what psychedelics are "for" feels a bit icky, so please receive in the expansive spirit with which I share. Just know that there is much more available to you. Psychedelics and plant medicine is way beyond healing trauma, it is an open door of infinite possibility. 

Psychedelics can be a powerful tool for...

Raising Consciousness

Because plant medicine shows us our true nature, we become clearer beings. This can be by awakening to spirit, through transcending the smaller self. We are less eaten up by trivialities, or distracted by melodramas. We take things less personally and sink into a supreme state of being in which the heart opens. When the heart can open, defenses are dropped, and there is a rise in compassion and empathy. The overall vibration becomes higher as consciousness expands, as we are all interrelated.

Mystical Realms

Plant medicines induce mystical experiences in which new dimensions of being come into the light. We laugh at the polarities of life, because we feel the oneness inherent in everything. The mystics often speak of this state of oneness, and we all conceptually know it, but to feel it and embody it is life altering. To genuinely know that we are all one, is to feel this interconnectivity. 

When people do 5MeO DMT they are often taken to this non dual state where universal love reigns supreme. When others do ayahuasca, they are taken back to their ancestral roots and meet the plant spirits and guides.

There is a connection to something that surpasses all logic. It is unexplainable and enigmatic. It is ever present, but plant medicine just sharpens awareness to the subtleties we often overlook. There is peace in resting in the mystery and seeing the awesome nature of the universe in all its myriad of forms. 

Higher Purpose 

When we have had a taste of our potential for love, for truth, wisdom blooms. This wisdom holds our deepest meaning, our soul’s calling. Plant medicine strips off all the layers of conditioning and programming handed to us by society, parents, and the culture.

When we let the illusory parts of self go, we connect inward to divinity. Stepping into full authentic power of self, we can see the game of life as it is, and play it with integrity. 

The higher self manifests and creates dreams into reality by simply having a clear conscience and magnetizing what is in alignment. Life thus becomes easier, as there is no resisting life or forcing. There is just the pull of what is meant to happen for self growth and development.

When higher purpose is found and committed to, there is an ascension of spirit. We have come here on an Earthly mission and we work to fulfill it, to reach it, and give back. 

Pure Potential

So yes,  plant medicine can cure depression, anxiety, stress, overwhelm, and the trauma & subconscious patterns that sit behind the symptoms diagnosed.

Yes, healing from mental health disorders is important and we need psychedelics for this reason, and we want everyone to feel whole and full. 

However, the media is far too focused on this singular point, doing their utmost to position psychedelics as a medical treatment for the unwell as they enter the mainstream. But there is far more available through the wisdom of the plants. 

We've set the bar for human capability at a puny fraction of the possible, and yet academics across the globe are high-fiving themselves for quite mixed results, taking patients with a narrowly-defined minimum definition of illness from "bad to better", and then amplifying what is objectively a medium signal with a few massive breakthrough stories.

I digress, and this is a deeper subject (the secret is, there's no healers in the lab).

Instead of bad to better, how about "good to amazing"? How about the revival of ancient and indigenous wisdom traditions? What about the possibility of collectively recognizing our Divinity? How about our ability to surf the quantum field?

There is more than solely healing, there is ascension to source.

One way or another, an exponential vibe shift is underway. Timelines are converging. We all win in this together.

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