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Consciousness, Ego Death, and the Awakening

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Returning to Consciousness

Reaching Oneness

We came from one source. Then as most scientists would describe it, there was a big bang, and as a result we fragmented, we split. Thus, millions of atoms joined with other atoms, making matter that was more and more complex. We as sentient beings, are all one consciousness fragmented. All derived from the same womb of the same mother. But we have forgotten our roots of oneness. We have built ideologies around the common illusion of separateness. We have constructed nations, walls, classes, states to solidify our perception of separation. 

In the wonderful, paradoxical game of life, we see people fall asleep into their given roles, there is a mechanical doing without thought and contemplation. The masses are often deep asleep in unconsciousness. And this strips us from our awareness, and we feel disconnected from the whole. The fallacy of separation is then served to us in the ‘us vs them’ rhetoric and as a result, we see war and rape and malevolence, a plethora of suffering. 

We are desensitized to the truth. The fact that we are all psychically related, meaning that if I hurt you, I hurt myself. If I lie to you, I am placing a barrier against us. In raising consciousness we enter into a non dualistic state, and life becomes available to us in the ever joyous present moment. Fellow people are not our competitors, but our collaborators, and we exist to coexist. 

When we are highly conscious we can see the ever present divinity and union in all that is. 

We then sharpen our senses to the subtleties of life. We come back to love even in the messy muck of life and the enormity of the human predicament. A rise of consciousness is seeing the magic of daily life and the small miracles that embroider themselves into the discourse of each day. There are many small epiphanies that allow our perception to widen. We treat people and ourselves better naturally. 

Going inward

People return to this consciousness through a variety of methods that all lead to the same place. It is a very quiet and still place. The material world melts away. When people have a taste of this, they cling to it, because it feels so right. You can reach this oneness through having sex with your beloved, where there is a merging of life force and the rest of the world draws a blank. You can reach this higher consciousness through Vipassana meditation, with no distractions and external stimuli and a quiet mind. You can do plant medicine and communicate with spirit and reach the divine. There is an awareness that is ever present, but we do not always have access to it. Why?

We are over distracted, over fed, over stressed. To raise consciousness is a privilege few engage in because we are on the hamster wheel of survival and trying to get our needs met. Even when our needs are met, we are in a scarcity mindset and just preoccupied with the next achievement. Our minds are not our own vehicles, but toyed with, emotions manipulated by propaganda machines, fear tactics, and control. Our awareness is covered under layers of conditioning and programming. Consciousness is being diluted by trivialities, banalities, and falsities.

We have been taught to seek externally, in order to fill the inner void. But the only way out of the karmic predicament of life is to go inwards. To dissect our own beliefs systems, to pick apart the dark matter of our minds, to re connect to the heart  and thus life. There is a kind of ego death and as the ego falls away as there is more consciousness. Subsequently, this is the key to growth, to personal development, to a higher quality of life. To live beyond ourselves. 


Often, life presents us with problems to shake us, to help us awaken. Every circumstance is an opportunity to learn a lesson, as Eckhart Tolle says “Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness.” We grow through our suffering, but we can also learn through joy, and ultimately through love, the most transformative force on Earth. 

So when something negative happens to us, instead of repressing it, or numbing it or refusing to look at it, we make it conscious. We bring awareness and kindness to our wounds. This is the inner alchemy, not rejecting any part of the self or the world but accepting it as it is and working with it. 

From all the various methods to choose from, many people, from those suffering with depression, to celebrities, to recovering addicts, and those who want to connect to their higher purpose; they are engaging in plant medicine ceremonies to engage with past traumas, behavioral patterns, and unravel ancestral stories. Ceremonies such as 5 MeO DMT, ayahuasca, and  psilocybin shed clarity on the situations of life. It helps us see beyond the narrow view of the human experience and enter into the totality of being. Consciousness expands and cloaks the world in light. 

We leave the ego and the small sense of self, because the stories we hold become less important. The seriousness of life drops away, and the cosmic joke takes hold. The essence of life can be felt, as well as the connective tissue of love that graces all beings. When the ego dissolves, there is just the oneness left that is always here. 

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