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Deconstructing Trauma with 5 MeO DMT

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Deconstructing Trauma with 5 MeO DMT

What really is trauma?

Trauma is something many or most people have, but the majority of people do not know how to cope with. Trauma is not what just happens to refugees fleeing war or victims of mass shootings.Trauma is common and ever present. How many people do you know who have had an abusive parent, experienced sexual assualt, or been beaten by a partner? 

Trauma creates coping mechanisms such as numbing with alcohol or manifests as paranoia and distrust in fellow humans. Our behaviors and ways of thinking become colored by the past. These feelings of hurt and shame, we have all felt. The question that determines how long we engage in trauma is in the response to the experience itself.  

Most of us live daily with our trauma, meaning there was a negative situation or phenomena that occurred and we relive it. We carry it on our backs, unsure where to put it down or how to let go of that weight. Trauma is more than what has happened to us, it is the inability to let it go. 

Trauma changes the brain and alters its chemistry. Trauma is stored and held in the body and manifests as disease. The emotional is connected to the physical. Any pain we are holding in the mind will surface in the body too. 

We live in a culture that does not know how to grieve. Mental health is now less of a taboo, but there is still fear around talking about deeper feelings. Trauma needs room, an outlet, an expression. The negative parts of life need to be examined and dealt with intimately in order to release them completely. 

Living with trauma closes us to life. It makes us less likely to trust others or establish healthy relationships. Trauma infects those we love around us. Trauma debilitates our immune systems and cripples the bodily functions. Trauma mutes our ability to be intimate and our capacity for bliss. 

There need to be more safe spaces in the culture where trauma can be released and all emotions can be felt fully and given room to air themselves out. Traditional therapy can work, but it can take many years, and involves going deeper into the recesses of the mind. The mind creates stories and solidifies itself around them. At a certain point, the narrative must be dropped. At a certain point the suffering must not become a feedback loop. 

Why 5 MeO DMT?

Plant medicine and psychedelic therapy are essential to many people on the healing path because it is beyond the complexities of the mind. It works on a subconscious level, with all the stored information we cannot consciously see. It is spiritual in its essence. We see the bigger picture beyond our limited personal stories. 

5 MeO DMT, also known as the God Molecule, comes from the Sonoran Desert Toad. Its venom is dried and vaporized. In just thirty minutes the frame of self and reality are broken. And when you see, you cannot unsee. It's like tapping out of the Matrix, and taking the red pill. 

The trauma is faced head on, yet there is distance from it because you realize that you are not your trauma. According to a recent study, after just one single use, 5-MeO-DMT was proven to create a sustained enhancement to quality of life, and eased  anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. On a scientific level it creates new neural pathways, and on  a spiritual level it brings you to your higher self, or even no self, universality. 

You realize that what you have constructed your identity around, is limiting. There is a supreme godly awareness from a higher source that takes hold, and this is a neutral spacious place. A space of peace. You can look at the harshness of life, the dirtiness, the filth, the cruelty, with equanimity. It is a part of the human experience. Nothing is resisted yet nothing is clung to. 

Personal healing

In one of my last 5 MeO DMT experiences, I felt the trauma I had held in my body escape me. Being a woman, I have learned to suppress a great deal of rage. Ancestrally, culturally, biologically, women have been silenced and stifled. These unspoken words, the anger, the shame had stored itself in my stomach. The stomach is known as the second brain, it houses many emotions. When I looked face first into my trauma with men, I felt a hard knot within me release. 

There was no need to scream or cry. It was just what it was, and I knew that it was beyond me and this lifetime. It was releasing the trauma that was passed on from generation to generation, of women who were beaten, belittled, muzzled, domesticated, raped, treated as lesser than. I did not have to carry that weight anymore. I could surpass my own karmic predicament. 

After the knot in my stomach unraveled, I left my body. I floated into this void of emptiness. No sensations, no personality, no self. And it was not like death, but like life itself. I felt that in the middle of everything, all the chaos, all the complete madness of life, there is an ever present calm center. There is a small space in which there is nothing, which means there is everything. This blissful emptiness was always here. 

Without my body I was just consciousness itself. Consciousness sees everything as it is. The trauma did not even need to be labeled trauma, it was merely an experience that happened and passed. But the feeling did not. To let go of the feeling of shame was going to be a process, but Bufo helped me look at it. I did not blame men or hate them for my past pain. I felt genuine compassion. 

To deconstruct trauma with Bufo, was to consciously let go of all the models I created around trauma, all the negative thought patterns, the behaviors, the protection mechanisms. Just seeing them clearly was enough to start my healing journey. Feeling the energy within my stomach dissipate had brought to my awareness just how much I was holding. After the ceremony, the facilitator and I unraveled what happened to me, and I was given tools to work with it. 

Plant medicine is not the ending for me and many others, it is merely a step on the path to self transcendence. The process does not end after the ceremony but is a continual conscious effort. This is why retreats that integrate life coaching and therapy into their program, create substantial change. They are aware that the lessons must be woven into daily life with loving awareness.

Deconstructing trauma with 5 Meo DMT was allowing myself to surrender to the wisdom of the medicine, and unraveling all of the complexities after ceremony with a professional. I felt that I was divinely supported, and then I was ready to support myself too.

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