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We all feel it.


A better version of reality is not only necessary, but inevitable and imminent.


The systems we rely upon today is a house of cards built upon three ultimately false premises:

- That one human being can benefit at the expense of another

- That human beings can prosper at the expense of the planet

- That technological advancement alone will see us through


But we didn't start the fire.

These deviations from truth originated in consciousness long ago, and are deeply embedded through our ancestral, epigenetic, and societal programming. 

We find ourselves downstream to generations of war and trauma, with a tendency to compare and compete, and feeling anxious and depressed as the majority stumble further away from their potential, their spiritual essence, and symbiosis. 

There is enough for everyone, and yet scarcity thinking, an alarming consolidation of wealth, and uncertainty rule the day.

Luckily for us, reality has been well-architected, and the solution to our problems is also the only thing that provides a lasting sense of fulfilment to the human experience: a higher level of consciousness.

One way or another, a better version of reality is coming, centered around ideals of human sovereignty, our communal nature, harmony, and collective abundance. 

The question is: how gracefully can we manage such a daunting transition? 

Well, that's up to us.


Enter Behold.


Behold Retreats guides discerning guests on transformational psychedelic plant medicine journeys to heal from the past, unlock their innate power and potential, and to reach high levels of consciousness.

For guests who seek a more holistic approach, Behold also provides the coaching, tooling, and access to a like-minded community of truth-seekers to accelerate progress towards mental, emotional, and spiritual wholeness.

Behold offers immersive week-long retreats at idyllic destinations in Costa Rica, Mexico, Netherlands, and Portugal, working with 5-MeO-DMT, Ayahuasca, and Psilocybin.

For those who want to go the distance and pursue the humbling process of ascension and thereby complete the soul's earthbound tour of duty, Behold is able to light the path.

To be successful, the mission necessitates setting the highest standards for safe, legal, and effective use of the master plant teachers, and to operate with integrity and in full service to the greatest good for all.


The Business of Psychedelics.


For prospective psychedelic investors, there are a number of esoteric and practical dynamics in this line of service to be conscious of:

-        The Universe is non-local and exists entirely in consciousness, as described by quantum physics, mystics, and the CIA. --> read more.

-        The market opportunity is as limitless as the human imagination. There is always a higher truth, and no known upper bound to human evolution.

-        There's much confusion about how to work with psychedelics, particularly the energetic aspects of the work, and that’s reflected in significant value destruction.

-        Majority of listed companies that raised $xxM-$xxxM are down 80%-99%. DYOR.

-        Few organizations have been able to balance the egoic desire for growth with the requirement for spiritual alignment. Available data suggests the market presently spends ~$3 per $1 of revenue. 

-        The successful organizations will be those with pure intentions and harmonizing to the highest levels of consciousness. Let us hope there are many, as we are not in competition.

-        Quality healers and shamans are by definition the most energetically sensitive beings on the planet. There is no successful business model whereby they feel extracted.


Where We Are.


Behold launched in May 2020, with 100% of surveyed guests feeling safe throughout their experience, exceptional customer feedback, and no serious incidents. The business has generated USD$xm in revenue since inception, and has [x]% gross profit on a boot-strapped investment of $[xxx]k. YoY growth between CY2021-2022 is [xxx]%.

We have reason to believe Behold is amongst the few psychedelics organizations built to scale and approaching break-even (but are happy to be corrected!).

To build upon early momentum and to fund the next phase of energetic alignment, professionalization, and growth, Behold seeks conscientious investors to raise $xm USD. 

Successful investors will recognize that growth cannot come at the expense of quality, and have an unshakeable resolve in the potential, beauty, and resilience of the human spirit. 

Paradise on Earth begins in Consciousness.




Jonathan de Potter

Founder, Behold Retreats

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