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The Integration Process for Breakthroughs

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Integration for Breakthroughs

Integration is the process of life after the ceremony ends. It involves the way you choose to maneuver through life and what you choose to do with all the new downloads and wisdom received from plant medicine. This entails everything from the most grandiose events to the most subtle occurrences. Integration is your response to life after ceremony. 

This can be minor things like how you speak to yourself, your willingness to listen to others, or major things like your emotional balance and mental regulation. 

It is easy to be in universal love and divine union during a spiritual ceremony, but the mission is to bring this high ethereal state into everyday happenings. The real spiritual work is life, being good to yourself and to others consistently. 

The Halo Effect 

After the ceremony ends, there is often a soft glow that cloaks the body and mind, in which all of life is good. This angelic loving feeling post ceremony can last a long time. The halo effect psychologically would mean that this feeling of positivity we have for ourselves, expands into other areas of life. In feeling good about ourselves, we begin to see the goodness in others. We can appreciate life more when we are in this joyful state.

If you keep this receptive open aura, there can be life altering breakthroughs after the ceremony ends. Oftentimes breakthroughs have a time lag, and you experience a full bodied understanding of something you saw merely a glimpse of during the ceremony. This state of consciousness must be a devotional practice in order for breakthroughs to be processed. 

When maintained, this glow, this aliveness, this grand appreciation for life can be carried through. Staying committed to spiritual practice is one way to keep this. For some people it is a daily yoga routine, for others it is meditating at least twenty minutes a day, and for some it is repetition of positive affirmations in the morning. It is important to do things just for yourself, not for work, not hobbies with the family, but a personal practice specifically for your mental health and spiritual development. 

Self Honesty 

A great way to integrate breakthroughs after ceremony is to reevaluate the content of your life. Are you living with integrity? Oftentimes during plant medicine journeys our entire realities are confronted and we can clearly see that the way we have lived  before was not aligned with our highest desires. 

Oftentimes, we followed a linear path based on our cultural conditioning or wants from our parents or loved ones. To live in self honesty is to look at the components of life and see if it was our choice to do or something we just fell into. We do not want to be bystanders in our own life, but yearn to feel empowered in our decisions.

Below are a few questions to evaluate if you are living honestly and in alignment with your highest self. 

  • What is your highest purpose, and how can you bring it into the work you do?
  • Do you feel like your life is your own or somebody else’s?
  • Why do you get out of bed in the morning?
  • What would you do if money was not a factor?
  • What are your top three values? How are you embodying them?
  • Where in the world do you want to be?
  • What do you do for self care?
  • How do you prioritize your inner world?
  • What excites you? Do you allow yourself to follow your curiosity?
  • Do you speak the truth in your relationships?
  • In what scenarios do you feel you need to hide yourself? Dull yourself? Mute yourself?
  • What makes you feel the most like yourself?

Open Mindedness

After the ceremony ends there is a substantial openness to it all, your antenna is attuned to the world around you. You may notice more synchronicities, and things that once seemed like random coincidence begin to align and make sense. 

Maybe your compassion increases and there is a realization of how interrelated you are to others. There are sprinkles of revelations that occur and maybe you will realize your breakthrough two weeks after the ceremony. The timing is not important, what is important is keeping yourself open, so that any given moment the universe can give you what you need. Life will provide you with experiences to solidify these revelations you have had during the ceremony, if you remain gracefully ajar. 

The greatest tool after a ceremony is awareness. With loving mindfulness, we can take a major breakthrough and harness it in daily life. An open mind is a powerful expansive mind that is receptive to the ever going current of beauty and mystery surrounding it. An open mind is beyond the ego that is narrow and closed. An open mind allows and receives. An open mind also opens the doors of the heart. Love flows in naturally.  

Know that the journey does not end after the plant medicine retreat. The spiritual path is an endless one, where we are in a state of constant self improvement and becoming aware of what we want to bring in. Plant medicine can awaken things in us we did not know exist, and our work is to bring this same aliveness and richness into life. Let your days be one of ritual, self love and following your bliss. 

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