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10 Best Ayahuasca Retreats In California (Updated 2021)

April 22, 2021
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Ready to experience Ayahuasca in a safe, beautiful, and therapeutic setting?

Behold Retreats facilitates expertly-guided psychedelic experiences for leaders, executives, and creators of a brighter future.

Choosing Behold Retreats to facilitate your experience means that you are fully supported down to the detail - from physical, mental & spiritual preparation, travel logistics, personal coaching, and integration support from our team of qualified coaches, healers, and retreat facilitators.

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The healing that Ayahuasca offers can be positively life-changing, and as the psychedelic movement grows in popularity, the options for choosing a retreat can be overwhelming.   It's important to choose your retreat with diligence and care.  Ayahuasca, when properly facilitated can help you to:

  • Heal the roots of trauma, depression, anxiety, and let go of limiting beliefs and behaviors.
  • Enjoy deeper, more intimate relationships.
  • Discover your life's meaning.
  • Accelerate your growth and reach a higher level of consciousness.
  • Develop intuition for better decision making.
  • Quiet your mind and discover inner peace.
  • Learn your true purpose here and deepen your spiritual connection.
  • Live each day with more peace, love, joy, clarity.

Ayahuasca tourism and the use of psychedelic plant medicines has become a huge topic of discussion in recent years, as more influential institutions and thought leaders release psychedelic studies and research on the healing potential of psychedelic medicine.

Psychedelic substances both natural and synthetic are currently garnering attention all over the world in psychedelic therapy; ketamine for its anti-depressive affects and treatment of post traumatic stress disorder, ibogaine for the treatment of addition, and psilocybin (psychedelic mushrooms) for the treatment of anxiety and depression - just to name a few.

Therapists and coaches are beginning to use psychedelic drugs in their treatment plans and educating themselves on psychedelic integration.

Tip! Check out the Psychedelic society to stay up to date in the world of psychedelics.

There are California retreats that offer ayahuasca healing, some under the traditional ayahuasca shamanism tradition and others under a more modern context. You might have a harder time finding traditional Shipibo ayahuasca shamans in California, but there are plenty of medicine people with diverse backgrounds for you to choose from.

Psychedelic retreats are not like your typical yoga retreat. The risks in California involve legality and lack of regulation, so it is extremely important to know who you are working with, to research their history and background, as well as past participants' experiences. With almost every retreat on Retreat Guru ranking with a 5-star rating, it is difficult to know what is ACTUALLY quality.

Some important questions to ask the retreat centers of interest: What kind of support is provided before and after the retreat? Do they have support trained in psychedelic integration therapy? What types of medical screening and protocols are in place? What about ethical guidelines?

Good to know! Ayahuasca is not legal in the USA. Ayahuasca churches such as Santo Daime (founded by Raimundo Irineu Serra) have been granted a legal exception to use the tea as a religious sacrament. it is not clear whether popular centers such as Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church or Kentucky Ayahuasca are legal or not. Therefore, it is always best to contact the retreat center themselves.

If you're in a position to do so, we would encourage you to take a week and immerse yourself in an environment outside of your normal day-day environment, perhaps in Costa Rica or Mexico or in the Amazon rainforest in Iquitos, Peru.

Ayahuasca tea originates from the indigenous people and culture in South America for spiritual and healing purposes. Two entheogenic plants, the banisteriopsis caapi vine and the chacruna plant (psychotria viridis) are brewed together to produce this powerful hallucinogenic drink containing naturally occurring DMT.

The life-changing effects of these psychedelic experiences are enhanced by the guidance of a medicine man or woman and by following a strict plant dieta prior to and after your retreat. Traditionally in Peru you will find ceremonies led by Shipibo shamans.

While in Peru, you can combine your psychedelic retreat with an excursion to the sacred site of Machu Pichu and connect deeply with Mother Earth. Check out for example Refugio Altiplano Ayahuasca Retreats.

If you'd like to help selecting a great experience, check out our Ayahuasca guide.  If you'd like to learn about how to get the most benefits from plant medicine, and how to avoid the uncertainty, mistakes, and years of retreats and slow progress, watch our webinar.

Read on for a list of ayahuasca retreats in California or nearby states and countries.

1 The Holistic Sanctuary  

Located in Baja California, just below Southern California, this holistic healing sanctuary is the closest, most intensive and luxurious center near California that resembles more of a rehab center with individual healing treatments. Their programs are incredibly exclusive  and are focused on treating PTSD, depression, addiction, and alcoholism.

With 5-star accommodations and services such as daily colonics liver detoxes, herbal medicine, HBOT pure oxygen infusions, IV drips, stem cell therapy, and more, you can be assured that this 4-12 week program will be life changing and lead to deep healing.

Their trademark secret is their proprietary method, called the Pouyan Method, is combined with sacred plant medicine, which ensures over 30 hours of 1-1 time per week, complete detoxification, and access to neural healing and spiritual awakening. It is quite a different experience than the typical shamanic healing techniques.

Behold Retreats, a wellness company that specialises in the therapeutic use of plant-based medicine to aid in personal and spiritual growth. Plant medicine, ayahuasca, psychedelics, psilocybin, 5-meo DMT. USA.The Holistic Sanctuary  

2. Inner Circle Ayahuasca Retreat  

Just about a 3 hour flight from California, in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, you will find this traditional ayahuasca retreat center with gorgeous beachfront accommodation.

Their authentic ayahuasca ceremonies are paired with modern luxury, so you can really relax and enjoy the ocean-front luxurious accommodations and infinity pool, while also exploring the rich, natural beauty of the surrounding nature. Guests can watch orca or humpback whales swim by the ocean from their beautiful retreat house, baby sea turtles venturing into the ocean, and the famous sunset from their terrace.

Accommodation is for a maximum of 6 guests, so you may request a private small group retreat, private individual retreat, or to join another group of journeyers from around the world. The apartments include high-end furnishings and comforts as well as bicycles for getting around town.

A traditional indigenous shaman will guide your ayahuasca journey, and the ayahuasca brew will be prepared and ready for your arrival. The retreat is 6 days long, with at least 2 ayahuasca ceremonies, and provides ample opportunity for reflection time in nature.

Behold Retreats, a wellness company that specialises in the therapeutic use of plant-based medicine to aid in personal and spiritual growth. Plant medicine, ayahuasca, psychedelics, psilocybin, 5-meo DMT. USA. Inner Circle Ayahuasca Retreat  

3. Sacred Valley Spiritual Retreats

At the Sacred Valley Spiritual Retreat at Mount Shasta you will find a holistic personalized journey from their team with over 30 years of experience combining healing and retreat facilitation experience. Their expertise lies in indigenous wisdom and sacred healing shamanic arts.

Their holistic center offers wellness retreats with an array of healing methods based on ancient indigenous wisdoms, somatic and trauma release therapy, breathwork, yoga, Reiki, alchemical hypnotherapy and empowerment coaching. Each retreat and program is made to fit your needs, offering private and couple options.

Their sacred master plant medicine retreats where you will have your ayahuasca ceremony are in Peru, but they will provide you with the assessment, treatment, knowledge and resources to help you prepare and integrate your retreat experience at their retreat center in California.

Working with experienced facilitators who have undergone extensive training with world-renowned spiritual teachers, they offer a high level of integrity. In their 10 day psychedelic retreat you will have 7 nights in a luxurious retreat center near Calca, 2 nights in a beautiful monastery hotel near Cusco, and an opportunity to understand the shamanic wisdom of the Inca tradition.

Behold Retreats, a wellness company that specialises in the therapeutic use of plant-based medicine to aid in personal and spiritual growth. Plant medicine, ayahuasca, psychedelics, psilocybin, 5-meo DMT. USA. Sacred Valley Spiritual Retreats

Looking for a great retreat, and willing to travel? 

4. Origen Sagrada  

During this 2 night retreat you will experience two ayahuasca ceremonies in a remote, private, and peaceful camp near Castle Rock in Northern California. The ceremonies themselves will take place in a private lodge with shared accommodation.

Each ayahuasca ceremony will be facilitated by the spiritual leaders and healers Claudio and Bernadita from the Muruy tribe, found in the Amazonas of Colombia. The work with these elders will be intensive, and they will play beautiful live music to help activate the plant medicine and help you dive deeper into your journey within.

The retreat begins with a herbal plant blessing and a logistical orientation to answer any burning questions before the ceremony begins. In between the ceremonies with mother ayahuasca, there will be the option to join traditional therapies, personal spiritual cleansings, healing sessions, and time for reflection.

Behold Retreats, a wellness company that specialises in the therapeutic use of plant-based medicine to aid in personal and spiritual growth. Plant medicine, ayahuasca, psychedelics, psilocybin, 5-meo DMT. USA. Origen Sagrada  

5. Retreat removed due to client feedback

(Retreat Removed) offers their healing ayahuasca retreats nearby California, in Texas, and are facilitated by (name removed) , who has experience working with multiple shamans from different Indigenous cultures in the Americas. He currently teaches at The School of Shamanic Teachings, has apprenticed alongside a Peruvian shaman, and continued this initiation with the Q’eros priests in the High Andes mountains of Peru.

Your ceremonies will also include other medicinal plants such as a cacao, rapé and sananga, with the opportunity to attend a san pedro ceremony.  Their eco-environment accommodation has been made to enhance your connection with Mother Nature and to provide a safe container for your spiritual awakening.

Behold Retreats, a wellness company that specialises in the therapeutic use of plant-based medicine to aid in personal and spiritual growth. Plant medicine, ayahuasca, psychedelics, psilocybin, 5-meo DMT. USA. Medicine Wheel

6. Sacred Therapy

Sacred Therapy hosts retreats in California and Washington for two nights, with private, comfortable accommodation and vegan meals. In order to attend a retreat you must apply on their website to be a member of the Cosmic Valley Native Americas Church.

Rather than following the traditional South American or Native American route, their ayahuasca ceremonies are hosted in a modern way. Their North American medicine team are trained with ayahuasca churches in the USA and offer a holistic approach with yogic traditions.

The founder has been facilitating ayahuasca ceremonies for five years and has trained with shamans and yogis from all over the world. He also has trained for two years with the Lakota tribe. Full preparation and integration is offered before and after the ceremony, with individualized attention for each retreat participant.

7. The União do Vegetal (UDV)  

The União do Vegetal (UDV) is one of the only legal ayahuasca retreat centers in the USA along with Santo Daime, who have received exemption from the government for religious sacrament as an ayahuasca church. Differing from a Native American Church, they originate from Brazil and are a Christian Spiritist religion that is recognized for their service to communities and the environment.

Their sacred sacrament Hoasca, which serves to bring spiritual awareness, contains the same ingredients as Ayahuasca; the Banisteriopsis caapi vine and the Chacruna plant leaves. They do not have a traditional ayahuasca shaman.

Their ayahuasca healing retreat is in New Mexico, but you might be able to find churches or events across the country, including California. The ayahuasca (Hoasca) ceremonies are religious in nature, with influence from their guide Mestre Gabriel and Jesus. Ceremonies are typically 4 hours and include periods of silent concentration.

8.  APL Journeys Ayahuasca Retreat  

Located not too far from California in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, you will find this international ayahuasca retreat center, facilitating traditional ayahuasca ceremonies with Peruvian shamans from Peru and Ecuador, such as a shipibo healer. In addition, their facilitators are all certified by the Red Cross to ensure the safest and most fulfilling experiences.

As they work under traditional shamanism, they give you the opportunity to attend Amazonian Curanderismo seminars where you will be educated on ayahuasca healing traditions and shamanic rituals.

They also offer more than your typical retreat center during the 6 days, with a temazcal herbal sauna (similar to a sweat lodge), 3 ayahuasca ceremonies, 1 purga ayahuasca, 1 kambo session, flower baths, breaktwork, sananga sessions, daily shamanic rituals, and liquid mapacho . You will also have preparation and integration support.

Feel comfortable in their luxurious suites, outdoor jungle pool and stunning outdoor showers. Take a yoga class, go for a relaxing swim, or sit in nature in between ceremonies. With 15% of profits going to Peru to support the local communities, you can also feel good that you are contributing to the populations that are sharing ayahuasca with the world.

Behold Retreats, a wellness company that specialises in the therapeutic use of plant-based medicine to aid in personal and spiritual growth. Plant medicine, ayahuasca, psychedelics, psilocybin, 5-meo DMT. USA. APL Journeys Ayahuasca Retreat  

Frequently asked questions

What about ayahuasca San Diego?
Where can I find an ayahuasca ceremony in Los Angeles?
Where can I find an ayahuasca ceremony Bay Area?

The same answer applies to all of these questions - it is unlikely that you will find a legal ayahuasca retreat center in these areas. Underground ceremonies do take place, but we cannot recommend any because of lack of regulation and safety. Be cautious when choosing where and with whom you have this experience with. Additionally, we recommend you think about the proximity to such high-energy, densely populated places when doing this work. It is not beneficial for your experience to be in such an environment. If you can, we recommend that you journey with ayahuasca in a small group setting surrounded by nature and quiet time for integration.

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