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Narcissism, the Evolution of Consciousness, and Psychedelics

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We recently completed a study of 2,006 respondents in collaboration with OnePoll that found nearly half (46%) of Americans believe they are “the best person they know” – see the full story here.

This shocking degree of narcissism is indicative of a lack of empathy and a lower level of consciousness at the root of much dysfunction in America, a byproduct of intergenerational trauma and a culture obsessed with individuality and competition, giving rise to the pervasive need for external validation and desire for success (38% of respondents) over all else, even happiness (21%).

Gratefully, our evolution in consciousness is accelerating, with millions worldwide realizing the myriad benefits of inner work, resulting in the meteoric growth in mindfulness, meditation, and interest in psychedelics.

In this context, psychedelics represent a proven opportunity and a powerful tool that, when used with respect and intention, can facilitate incredible transformations in consciousness and deepen spirituality.


A whopping 82% of our survey respondents expressed interest in legal plant-based psychedelics, believing that it could help them with mood and behavior (45%), clarity of purpose (39%), consciousness (37%), and more.

While the dominant narrative in the media today regarding psychedelics is as a treatment modality for anxiety, depression, and PTSD, the potential is much greater than that. With expert guidance and facilitation, psychedelics can help us reach and sustain higher states of consciousness, drop all negativity and judgment, and realize our true selves to be more peaceful, loving, and joyful, as has been described to us over the millennia by great mystics and spiritual teachers.

Hopefully, I haven’t lost you here, and this doesn’t sound too abstract or new age woo-woo.

The evidence for the evolution of consciousness is everywhere you look:

- Prioritizing purpose over profit, and establishing a balanced lifestyle

- People unwilling to return to the office, or to work for slave wages

- Crypto: apolitical currency that isn't backed by the threat of violence

- Endemic sickness being exposed. Naked shorts, traffickers,

- Shift towards plant-based diets, decriminalization of plant medicine / psychedelics

It's an exciting time to be alive, and in the decades ahead, psychedelics are set to play a pivotal role in helping us understand ourselves, prioritize one another, and be collectively healthy, happy, and harmonious in the stewardship of our planet.

Buckle up!

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