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Inner Peace: What you Seek is Inside You

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Inner Peace: What you Seek is Inside You

Written by Jonathan De Potter

Today we’re going to talk about finding inner peace. For now, we’ll keep this relatively short, as this is quite a deep subject.

In society today, we are dealing with so much complexity and so many stressors that our brains are simply overwhelmed, and it's massively reducing our quality of life, the quality of our mental and emotional states, and it’s also keeping us from realizing our true selves individually, and I believe keeping us from achieving world peace collectively.

Anyway, I'll leave the Kumbaya stuff for another video. Deep breath.

We’ll start by sharing what inner peace is not.

  • Typical person has between 12k-60k thoughts daily (NSF)
  • Egoic thoughts only (I / Me / My)
  • 95% repetitive thought patterns
  • 85% negative thought patterns
  • Destructive thoughts lead to addictive behavioral patterns (food, porn, alcohol, drugs, TV, social, procrastination - all that stuff you know isn't your best self)
  • Results in poor mental health and overall health: Anxiety, chronic stress, overwhelm
  • Struggling with emotions like anger, guilt, shame, fear, apathy, grief, envy, pride, etc
  • Overactive Default Mode Network: Living in past or future rather than present moment
  • Think of yourself as your mind, disconnected from intuition / higher self
  • Feel stuck, struggling, or like some-thing isn’t quite right

Personal anecdote – I used to struggle with almost everything on this list. Now here’s the crazy part, most of the above is generally considered “normal” to a great degree.

Now, here’s the truly unbelievable part. In a follow-up study, it was found that:

  • 85% of what we worry about never happens
  • Of the 15% that does happen, 79% of study participants found that they were better equipped to deal with the problem than they expected
  • In aggregate, that means 97% of the worry is unnecessary

It is literally ALL in our heads. Unfounded negative perception, and clearly, this is not true peace.

So, let’s talk about what inner peace is:

  • No repetitive, wondering thoughts (unless intentional)
  • No indulgence in negative emotions and fewer negative emotions in general
  • Absent of desire. Nothing to do, gain, lose
  • A persistent sense of inner calm, stillness, contentment, gratitude, and lasting happiness
  • Feeling positive emotions of compassion, kindness, resilience, and a calm spirit
  • Connected to higher self and intuition - mind is a tool (returned to right place in hierarchy of self)
  • Creating from a place of clear emotional energy, priorities, and intentions
  • Engaging with the outside world from a powerful place

So clearly, this is a progression that most people would want in their everyday life, so how do you get there?

There's a lot of tools out there that can help. Mindfulness and/or guided meditations, just sitting in silence, breathwork, positive psychology, nature immersions, detoxing from technology and media,  etc.

However, the challenge with these tools is that they seldom provide lasting benefit, it's just a temporary band-aid to help us get on with daily life.

You might think my answer might be "Easy, join a plant medicine retreat". Certainly that can help, but it's really, really not the whole picture.

This is why lots of people who do a lot of medicine aren't doing so great.

That being said, plant medicine is an incredibly powerful tool, especially if we take a holistic approach:

  • Mental: Identify your thinking patterns and limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you
  • Emotional: Learn tools to connect with your emotions and process / release them
  • Spiritual / Energetic: Connect more deeply to higher self (here Medicine really helps!)

Harmonizing and unifying your mind, body, heart, and spirit is a lifelong journey, and a gift that keeps on giving... there are just so many levels, each with profound and life-changing benefits.

This is what Human Being is all about. This is what we are here for:


What you seek is inside you.

It’s worth recognizing that not a single one of us is bringing a 4-car garage to our next incarnation. Living a life of spiritual evolution full of love, peace, and joy is genuinely the only thing that matters.

So if this message resonates with you and you’re feeling ready for a life-changing retreat along the journey to inner peace and calmness, we’re here to support and guide you.

Click on the button below and you’ll be asked to share a few details to speak with one of our lovely team.

If you want to go a little deeper on the subject, I’ve included a great video that I absolutely love below on the Default Mode Network and the End of Suffering:

Much Love!

Blessings & Aloha,

Jonathan De Potter
Founder, Behold Retreats

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