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10 Best Ayahuasca Retreats In Texas (Updated 2021)

May 17, 2021
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Ready to experience Ayahuasca in a safe, beautiful, and therapeutic setting?

Behold Retreats facilitates expertly-guided psychedelic experiences for leaders, executives, and creators of a brighter future.

Choosing Behold Retreats to facilitate your experience means that you are fully supported down to the detail - from physical, mental & spiritual preparation, travel logistics, personal coaching, and integration support from our team of qualified coaches, healers, and retreat facilitators.

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The healing that Ayahuasca offers can be positively life-changing, and as the psychedelic movement grows in popularity, the options for choosing a retreat can be overwhelming.   It's important to choose your retreat with diligence and care.  Ayahuasca, when properly facilitated can help you to:

  • Heal the roots of trauma, depression, anxiety, and let go of limiting beliefs and behaviors.
  • Enjoy deeper, more intimate relationships.
  • Discover your life's meaning.
  • Accelerate your growth and reach a higher level of consciousness.
  • Develop intuition for better decision making.
  • Quiet your mind and discover inner peace.
  • Learn your true purpose here and deepen your spiritual connection.
  • Live each day with more peace, love, joy, clarity.

It sounds too good to be true, but these are just some of the potential outcomes of successful work with plant medicine.  In fact, the use of psychedelics for healing have been around longer than recorded history, and almost all indigenous traditions in the world have some form of ritualistic healing that uses consciousness shifting substances and spiritual practice to gain profound healing wisdom, and personal growth.

After almost 60 years of prohibition, psychedelics are resurfacing with extraordinary momentum in western medicine, with institutions such as the Imperial College in London and Harvard University studying, for example, the anti-depressant effects of psychedelics and entheogenic plants such as psilocybin (magic mushrooms) and Ayahuasca. The results of these studies for treating mental health concerns such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, addiction, depression, trauma, and recurrent negative behaviors has been overwhelmingly positive - when administered in the right set and setting.

Dating back at least 2,500 years, Ayahuasca has a long and varied history. It has long been part of the spiritual and cultural traditions of South America and the Amazon jungle. Now, as its use has meandered North, plant medicine has become a prominent fixture in North American healing circles.
As a result, Ayahuasca tourism is going from strength to strength. As we navigate these turbulent times, we look to the ancient civilizations for solutions. And Ayahuasca promises great physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.
For those of you who are in a position to do so, we recommend you consider travelling to locations like Costa Rica or Mexico to work with plant medicine.
If the prospect of traveling to destinations like Iquitos in Peru or Costa Rica seems a little daunting, then perhaps it’s worth exploring more localized options. You may be surprised to discover how widespread ayahuasca has become within the USA. Who knows, there could be an ayahuasca experience right on your doorstep.
Due to its psychedelic nature, Ayahuasca experiences are still illegal in the United States unless specific exemption on religious grounds has been provided by the government. Due to its potent nature, ceremonies are ill-advised without the guidance and tutorage of an experienced and qualified Shaman or guide. To this end, we have worked tirelessly to provide you with a list of experienced wellness centers.
The following list outlines the best Ayahuasca retreat centers and ceremonies accessible from Texas. Either within the state itself or within a short flying distance. The aim is to provide a list of opportunities without having to travel all the way down to Peru.
Another option for budding psychonauts is to choose a magic mushroom ceremony in favor of ayahuasca for the psychedelic experience. Despite being listed as a controlled substance in the USA, it is permitted to grow psilocybin mushrooms for “research” purposes and is, therefore, more accessible. Magic mushrooms and related psychedelic medicines have been shown to produce positive effects on the psyche. This allows for the possibility of conducting a psychedelic retreat from the comfort of your own home.
For further information relating to all things ayahuasca please reference our comprehensive guide. We have an in-depth guide to choosing the best retreat center for your needs here.

Medicine Wheel, Austin, Texas. Behold Retreats, a wellness company that specialises in the therapeutic use of plant-based medicine to aid in personal and spiritual growth. Plant medicine retreat, ayahuasca, psychedelics, psilocybin, 5-meo DMT. USA.
1. Two Birds Church
Ayahuasca Retreat Texas
Based in Texas, just north of Dallas, Two Birds is a denominational Church specializing in plant-based healing techniques. A popular ayahuasca healing destination in Texas, Two Birds promote a community of acceptance and understanding and a method of guidance that displays new ways of seeing spirituality.
Led by experienced and ordained facilitators who are on hand to support you on your awakening and bring ceremonies to life with prayer and song. All are experts in their field, have received extensive training, and are approved by the church board.
The Two Birds team holds regular healing circles as well as monthly sacred ceremonies—each an opportunity to deepen your connection with spirit.
Due to a donation-based system, nobody requiring help is turned away. Diet plays a prominent role in church-based activities to promote spiritual well-being.
2. The União do Vegetal (UDV)  
Ayahuasca Retreat New Mexico
To date, very few legal ayahuasca retreats exist within the USA, and União do Vegetal along with Santo Daime are among those allowed to conduct ayahuasca tea ceremonies within the US. On the basis of delivering religious sacrament as an ayahuasca church, they have received government exemption to conduct their ayahuasca healing rituals.
The Beneficent Spiritist Center União do Vegetal (UDV) is a religion based upon Christian and reincarnationist foundations. Situated in New Mexico, the ayahuasca ceremonies are a deeply sacrosanct affair, adhering to the strict tenets of their doctrine.
The main objective of UDV is to enhance spiritual development and the improvement of intellectual abilities. They achieve this through the consumption of Hoasca, a sacred tea made by combining the leaves of the Mariri vine and Psychotria Viridis, also known as the Chacruna plant. Two plants are indigenous to the Amazon jungle.
Conducting proceedings in Portuguese, only church members can participate in the ayahuasca tea ceremony.
3. Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth, Florida
Ayahuasca Retreat Florida
Based in Orlando, Florida, Soul Quest Church of Mother earth offers church members ceremonial ayahuasca retreats for healing and personal evolution.
The religious ceremony is designed to connect people with the vast energies around the universe, the web of spirit and form that underlies the experience of life. The retreat also offers smoke cleanses, sharing circles, and sound meditations to complete the ayahuasca vine journey.
Following the ceremony, during your time of reflection, experts are at hand to help you interpret your experiences during the ayahuasca odyssey.
Combining the best aspects of sacred plant medicine and western coaching techniques, Soul Quest has been conducting ceremonies for over ten years.
Accommodation ranges from the basic camping facilities to high-end lodges, ensuring that any budget is catered for.
4. Aya Quest Kentucky
“Kentucky Ayahuasca”
Self-styled modern shamans Aya Quest take a unique approach to the ayahuasca ceremony. Taking inspiration from Native American philosophies but not following any strict religious discipline, the Aya Quest ayahuasca non-religious ceremony is a decidedly low-key affair. The result is a more relaxed environment free of any rigid dogma.
Leading Shamanic explorer, medicine man and founder, Steve Hupp, is well versed in Ayahuasca vine lore, having completed well over 1000 ceremonies over 15 years. A genuine eccentric, Steve’s unique character is known to introduce an interesting take on proceedings. Steve is famed for brewing his own tea from the banisteriopsis caapi vine, shipped from the Amazon rainforest.
Following a stringent vetting procedure, only members qualify for participation in a ceremony. Applications to join are submitted through the website. Following acceptance, you are invited to participate in a retreat.
5. Oklevueha Native American Church of the Peaceful Mountain Way
Ayahuasca Retreat Kentucky
Oklevueha Native American Church is an international affair, offering a multitude of therapies and activities. In addition to the ayahuasca brew, members can participate in a yoga retreat, spiritual instruction and workshops, qigong, and tai chi instruction, kung fu instruction (Chinese martial arts), as well as opportunities to learn about herbology and nutrition.
Located in Eastern Kentucky, just outside the city limits of Richmond, Kentucky, Oklevueha Native American Church (of the Peaceful Mountain Way) is considered a “spiritually adopted” independent branch of the Oklevueha Native American Church.
Services are reserved for church members, but due to their accepting nature, people of any creed and religion are welcome to join.
6. Sacred Valley Spiritual Retreat
Ayahuasca Retreat California
Sacred Valley offers intimate retreats at their healing center in Mount Shasta in California, catering to individuals and couples. Featuring fantastic views overlooking the mountain, the retreat offers a large number of healing possibilities. In addition to ayahuasca, Sacred Valley is well versed in crystal therapy, reiki, yoga retreats, and breathwork, and many other new-age therapies.
Sacred Valley promises to blend ancient and modern wisdom to empower individuals to achieve spiritual and emotional balance. To this end, they offer a free phone consultation to anyone interested in enlisting their services.
7. Sanctuary of our Lady Ayahuasca
Ayahuasca Retreat Mexico
Sanctuary of our Lady Ayahuasca runs retreats across the border in Rocky Point, Mexico. The package involves two ceremonies taking place over three to four days. Group sizes are intentionally small to create a more intimate experience.
Prior to arriving at the retreat, the Sanctuary of our Lady Ayahuasca offers dietary and mental advice to prepare retreat participants for the ceremony. During the retreat, they provide meals compatible with the ayahuasca brew. Accommodation is in a gated community with a beach.
The retreat is run by a certified hypnotherapist and best-selling Amazon author, an ordained minister Alexis. Well-versed in the ayahuasca experience, she has been participating in rituals for almost 15 years. One of the major benefits of the retreat taking place in Mexico is that it’s completely legal to use Ayahuasca, Tulum is just around the corner to relax after your retreat with yoga.

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