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Leaders are typically driven by the wrong force. Here’s why.

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Leaders are typically driven by the wrong force. Here’s why. Psychedelics is the secret behind successful, influential leaders.Psychedelics boost neurogenesis and neuroplasticity. Behold Retreats, a wellness company that specialises in the therapeutic use of plant-based medicine to aid in personal and spiritual growth. Plant medicine luxury retreat, ayahuasca, psychedelics, psilocybin, 5-meo DMT. Science, infographics, research

Leaders are typically driven by the wrong force. Here’s why.

Humor me, and follow along on a short exercise:

Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, relax, and then tell yourself “I am good enough.” Try to sit with that statement completely filling your consciousness, doing your best to keep your mind quiet, your body still, and watch what happens.

Try to do the exercise for two full minutes or more and pay attention to what happens in your mind and body.


It’s likely that you experienced one or more of the following:

1.     Your mind wandered: you weren’t able to keep that thought in your consciousness, and you started thinking about the ways you were good enough, or… weren’t good enough.

2.     Perhaps your mind gravitated towards things that you need to do. Maybe something for your work, your family, your relationships, and started thinking about what you need to do … possibly things you feel you need to do to be good enough

3.     Maybe sensations began to manifest in your physical body, as your body sought to follow the instructions from your consciousness, and emotions begun to arise

4.     You sat for two minutes with an inner smile, peaceful mind, and restful body knowing that you are good enough.

If it was #4, congratulations! You can stop reading, this blog post is not for you.

If your experience was some combination of 1, 2, and 3, it is likely because:

-        you need to put your mind on a leash (in the most loving way possible), and

-        there’s inner work to be done to feel like you’re truly good enough, and ultimately

-        to find inner peace

Now, coming back to the driving force behind leaders, it goes without saying that leaders are of critical importance to shaping our future.


And yet, most leaders are operating from this place of “inner lack” and the feeling that they are not good enough. That is a large part of why they are so driven, respond to competition, and feel a need to be successful. To prove they are good enough to themselves and others.

The moment a goal is reached, the mind quickly flips to the next thing, keeping one perpetually living “in the gap” rather than “in the gain” (appreciating what we have).

This pattern reflects a lower level of consciousness – which can absolutely be overcome. This fundamental disconnection from ourselves is at the core of much of the dysfunction we see today – but that’s another thesis entirely.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with goals, everyone should have them. But to live perpetually in the gap is to forego the incredible opportunity of enjoying what we have.

If this resonates and you’re ready to harmonize your subconscious and operate from a place of peace, love, joy, and abundance, let’s start the conversation here.



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