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10 Best Ayahuasca Retreats In Florida (Updated 2021)

May 25, 2021
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Ready to experience Psychedelics in a safe, beautiful, and therapeutic setting?

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Choosing Behold Retreats to facilitate your experience means that you are fully supported down to the detail - from physical, mental & spiritual preparation, travel logistics, personal coaching, and integration support from our team of qualified coaches, healers, and retreat facilitators.

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Did you ever think you were going to take a psychedelic drug to go on a soul quest?

Well, here you are searching the internet for “ayahuasca retreat florida,” and I am sorry to inform you that it will not be as easy as finding a yoga retreat.

Ayahuasca is a South American psychoactive brew made from indigenous plants of the Amazon Rainforest and is used as a ceremonial medicine amongst the indigenous peoples of the Amazon Basin. This, along with legal constraints, is why most reputable ayahuasca retreat centers operate in Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, and Ecuador.

While Ayahuasca and other healing plant medicines such as ibogaine, psilocybin and san pedro have been making their way into Western culture, it is still tricky to find safe and legal retreat centers operating in the USA.

Unfortunately, Ayahuasca is not legal in America and there are few legal exemptions to date. Most healers operate underground or in grey areas. We highly recommend doing extensive research before attending any retreat center in the USA for your ayahuasca experience.

We did our best to put together a list of centers in Florida and surrounding areas so you can find out what might work best for your deep soul healing.

For more information on how to chose your ayahuasca retreat check out our COMPLETE GUIDE.

and our Top ten list of ayahuasca retreats in the USA

Finally, for the most in depth information on plant medicine you can register for our FREE WEBINAR.

1. Ayahuasca Retreat Private

Are you looking for a massive breakthrough and deep healing? If you are in the position to experience an ayahuasca retreat in a private setting, we can highly recommend doing so.

In working privately, you can really dive deep into your intentions without the distraction of other retreat participants and will have the full attention of your guide who can determine the best healing modalities for your experience.

You will have full autonomy choosing your guide, the complimentary healing practices such as yoga, breath work, massage therapy, additional plant medicine, the location, and the venue of your retreat. Work one-to-one or bring your close friends, family, or business partners to create your most ideal environment.

We recommend using a company such as Behold Retreats to facilitate your sacred ceremony, as sourcing an experience, and high-quality healers and guides might prove to be difficult as the demand is very high. Behold Retreats also facilitates additional psychedelic medicine retreats with San Pedro or Psilocybin which can be found in the well-known magic mushroom.

2. Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church

Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth, one of the most reputable ayahuasca retreat centers in America, is based in Florida. With over 10 years of experience providing preparation and integration coaching, you can trust that Soul Quest will help you get the most out of your healing journey.

Integrating body, mind, and soul, Soul Quest's holistic approach to their ayahuasca healing retreat provides you tools to navigate and make meaning out of your experience so that you can ground the insights into your daily life with the support their coaches.

Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church was founded by the Chris Young, a medicine man who left the pharmaceutical industry to venture into natural plant medicine, and Verena Young, an expert in Spiritual Counseling and Addiction Recovery and Psycho-Spiritual Integration Coaching. They work alongside their team of traditional medicine men and women, integration coaches, and doctors to create a safe and memorable experience for you.

Their ayahuasca retreat center accommodates those looking for a low-budget option such as camping, to higher-end options in private cabins.  Your ceremonies will include a sacred plant medicine, a smoke cleanse and sound meditations.

3. Aya Quest

Commonly referred to as “Kentucky Ayahuasca”, Aya Quest is just a couple states away from Florida. This retreat center refrains from working within any dogmatic structure or from remaking traditional Native American ceremonies. Their approach is modern and holistic, with well-trained medicine people and shamans.

Their founder has led over 1000 healing ayahuasca ceremonies in 15 years and was trained by a South American shaman. While they do not operate in the shamanic context, their ayahuasca brew is made in the traditional way, combining the the ayahuasca vine and the chacruna plant. They brew the ayahuasca themselves so you can be at peace knowing no additional ingredients have been added.

As a member of their spiritual fellowship, you may attend intimate group ceremonies or opt for a private ayahuasca ceremony in which they can facilitate in your own home.

4. Retreat Removed due to client feedback

A little further west of Florida in Texas, you will find the well-established (retreat removed) ayahuasca retreat center. Their ayahuasca healing ceremonies are facilitated by (name removed0, who is experienced in shamanic teachings from the different Indigenous cultures in the Americas and has apprenticed alongside a Peruvian Shaman.

(name removed) is also a teacher at The School of Shamanic Teachings, giving you the opportunity to learn about the medicine and shamanic traditions in a deeper way. You will get a chance to include other sacred indigenous natural medicines on your journey such as cacao, rapé and sananga, and also the opportunity to attend a san pedro ceremony.

You will feel safe, comfortable and in connection with Mother Earth in your eco-friendly accommodation; as the space was designed to provide a special container for your spiritual awakening and healing.

Their mantra is: “To give you tools to find your inner medicine, inner knowledge and explore the initiation of celebrating yourself: The warrior’s path.”

5. Two Birds Church

Another popular ayahuasca healing destination in Texas is Two Birds Church, a denominational ayahuasca church which specializes in plant medicine healing. Their philosophy promotes community, acceptance, understanding, and new perspectives on spirituality and the soul.

The ceremonies are facilitated by experienced, extensively trained, and ordained guides who bring the experience to life with prayer and song. Every month they host sacred ceremonies to promote spiritual well-being, as well as regular healing circles.

They rely on donations for their service and so can accommodate those who need financial assistance.

6. The União do Vegetal (UDV)  

The União do Vegetal along with Santo Daime are the only two legal ayahuasca churches in the USA that can host ceremonies with government exemption on the basis of using ayahuasca tea as their religious sacrament.

The UDV is s religion maintains a strict doctrine and is based upon Christian and reincarnation foundations. You can expect their religious ceremonies to be deeply sacred and ritualistic in nature.  Their main objection is to help their followers improve their intellectual capabilities and to enhance their spiritual development and soul quest .

Their sacrament for attaining spiritual awakening is called Hoasca, a sacred tea made by combining the Banisteriopsis caapi vine and the leaves of the Psychotria Viridis, also known as the Chacruna plant. Ayahuasca is made from these same two plants indigenous to the Amazon jungle.

Conducting proceedings in Portuguese, only church members can participate in the ceremony.

7. Sacred Therapy Native American Church

If you are able to travel domestically to either Washington or California you may want to become a member of Cosmic Valley Native Americas Church. As a member, you will be able to join Sacred Therapy’s ayahuasca retreats in either location. During the two-night psychedelic retreat you can expect cozy bedding and nourishing vegan meals.

This Ayahuasca Church hosts ceremonies with a modern approach, combining holistic and yogic traditions rather than mimicking South American or Native American style ceremonies. Their founder has undergone training by multiple shamans and yogis from all over the world, including two years working with the Lakota people.

Sacred Therapy’s medicine people are of North American descent and trained by US ayahuasca churches. They offer guidance in preparation for your journey and integration tools to help ground your insights into reality afterwards.

8. Sanctuary of our Lady Ayahuasca

Moving outside of the USA, just a short plane ride away from Florida, you will find the ayahuasca retreat center Sanctuary of our Lady Ayahuasca in Rocky Point, Mexico. You will find your accommodation in a gated community on a beautiful beach and enjoy fresh cuisine suitable for the ayahuasca diet during this spiritual retreat.

Your retreat will include two ayahuasca ceremonies during the duration of three or four days, and the setting will be intimate with small group sizes. Their staff will provide dietary and preparation advice to all retreat participants before arrival.

The retreat leader Alexis is an ordained minister, certified hypnotherapist, and best-selling author, who has been participating in plant medicine work for almost 15 years.

If you have time and would like to enjoy the beautiful nature and culture that Mexico has to offer, the popular destination Tulum is just around the corner. You might not be able to go all the way down to Peru to visit Machu Picchu, but Chichen Itza (one of the seven new Wonders of the World) is a short drive away.

Why not nourish your soul and relax with mother earth? Tulum is known for lush vegan meals, outdoor yoga classes, and dancing on the beach under the stars!

9.  APL Journeys Ayahuasca Retreat  

APL Journeys is an international ayahuasca retreat center with a location in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Their shamanic retreat offers a luxurious experience: with individual suites, an outdoor pool, and beautiful outdoor showers.

The short travel across the border will be well worth it, as you will get to experience a temazcal herbal sauna, medicinal flower baths, breath work, sangana and kambo sessions, shamanic rituals, yoga classes, and more during your six day retreat.

You will have 3 ayahuasca ceremonies led by an authentic Shipibo healer from Peru or Ecuador. If you’re curious to learn more about traditional shamanism, they offer seminars on ayahuasca shamanism and powerful healing shamanic medicines and rituals.

APL has your safety in mind during your soul journey; their facilitators have all obtained a certification by the Red Cross. 15% of their profits go back to the local communities of Peru, those who share ayahuasca medicine with the rest of the world.

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