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Why Choose A Private Plant Medicine Retreat?

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Why Choose a Private (instead of a group) Retreat?

Written by Sara Verre

Once you go private, you never go back…

A medicine retreat is deep soul work. It’s not like going to a cabin in the forest with some friends and taking some mushrooms, laughing for hours as you listen to Pink Floyd and watch the trees breathe. (Also a great experience, but two VERY different things)

When you decide to embark on such a journey, you are committing to enter the depths of your own psyche. You are likely to release deep-rooted emotions and trauma stored in your body and begin the process of rewiring the parts of your brain that have been affected by this trauma.

And so is everyone else on your retreat.

If you’re with 15-20 people, it can be challenging to focus entirely on your own experience or not to be impacted in some way by someone else’s energetic process or “dark night of the soul”.

This is why those in a position to do so often choose to make their sacred pilgrimage a private one.

Here are the three main reasons why it makes the world of a difference in the depth of your transformation:

1. Tailored Experiences

Everyone is different. Some people enjoy waking up at the crack of dawn and beginning their yoga and meditation practice. Others prefer to sleep in and go for a hike later in the day. Some are social and enjoy sharing. Others want to be alone in nature with their journal.

On private retreats, we tailor the rhythm of ceremonies and activities to flow with your energy. If you had a tough sleep, which can happen during medicine work, you can postpone your ceremony until later in the day, for example.

Energetically feeling prepared and ready for ceremony has a massive impact upon the outcome.

During the ceremony, we can adjust the environment to your needs, and facilitate the preparation ritual to help you go further into your process. You and your medicine man/woman will be able to fine tune the ceremony so that you get the breakthrough you are looking for.

Do you prefer yin yoga or vinyasa yoga? Would you like to do breathwork or ecstatic dancing? What is going to help you integrate? You, along with your guides are there to facilitate the deepest experience as possible.

Group retreats are also great, but inevitably have a set schedule, so your personal needs and desires can only be accounted for within limits.


2. No Distractions

I’ve heard of retreats with 30+ people. There are a few issues here.

The amount of energy being released and moved around during a ceremony is not only distracting to your own journey and process, but can actually transfer into your own experience.

It is very easy to become wrapped up in someone else’s energetic and emotional process, and before you know it, you just spent half your journey outside of yourself - and that’s not why you went there, right?

During integrational work and sharing, a common issue arises where some voyagers are not comfortable sharing with a group and some share things that trigger sensitive spots in others.

I’ve heard guests positively describe how incredible their experience was of love and bliss, when the person sitting next to them had one of the most challenging experiences of their life and is wondering what is wrong with themselves. This is not conducive to anyone’s healing process.

Not only that, during the week you will (likely) project onto others, and them onto you, making it easy to distort your experience.

3. Go Deep with Full Support

1:1 attention from healers and facilitators make a massive difference.

Always having a mirror and held space creates a safe container for transformation. Not only that, you will receive daily energy, process work, and integration work specialized for JUST you.

The safety aspect of having someone who deeply cares about your journey touches at the subconscious level, allowing for a deeper energetic release and surrender into the medicine.

As you shed the layers surrounding your true self, receive new insights, and evolve your intention, you will have a greater opportunity to refine your goals for the week and go deeper inside.

You will establish a greater and more intimate connection with your guides, helping them support you better and more intuitively.


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