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Psychedelic Investing in 2022.

If you're interested in psychedelic investing, this one is for you. Video and text below.

A number of friends and people in my professional network have been asking me recently about investing in psychedelics, and why I think there's been a big drop in the listed psychedelic stock market.

While I won't speak about specific stocks, I thought I might share my perspective on a few of the less-recognized dynamics in the psychedelics space to help more money find its way to places where it can have the most positive impact.

That's what psychedelics investing should be all about.

Disclosure: We are going to be doing a small fundraise in the period ahead, so please take that into consideration in reading what I share with you here.

Here are a few of the key dynamics that I share with my friends, that I hope are helpful to you in guiding your investment decisions:

1. Psychedelic therapists are not the same as healers

2. Medicalization is limited, not aligned with market demand

3. Few talented healers want to work for a large corporate

4. Plant medicine / psychedelics is a service, not a product

5. The energy behind the medicine used is important

6. Beware the re-branders & patent-seekers

7. As ever, people will gravitate to what works

Into the details now.

1. Psychedelic therapists are not the same as healers

Psychedelic therapists are trained to guide their clients through preparation and integration, and hold space during a psychedelic experience. Their focus is on the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of a client's journey.

Healers are able to do the above, as well as to transmute energy on behalf of their clients.

While one can certainly have profound and healing experiences working with a psychedelic therapist, the benefits of working with a quality healer who can transmute your lower level energies is on another level.

As the saying goes - if you know, you know.

Recommendation: invest in companies who are dedicated to healers, and the energetic aspects of healing. They will be ones who attract and keep clients over time.


2. Medicalization is limited, not aligned with market demand

Presently, billions of dollars are being pumped into the medicalization of psychedelics and plant medicine, and psychedelic research and health centers are popping up like 7-11's across North America and around the globe.

Don't get me wrong - both are great news. I believe in making any and all sacrifices required to get psychedelics legally available for the millions who can't afford to travel for retreats.

That being said, it's clearly preposterous that we should need to be diagnosed with mental health disorders in order to explore and elevate our own consciousness, and worth recognizing that we are trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

We've set the bar for mental health following generations of colonialism, war, and trauma. Do you think we've set it in the right place?

When it comes to a clinical trial, what many don't recognize is that candidates for psychedelic therapy are very carefully screened. Often, they are looking for people who fit the "minimum definition" of depression, anxiety, or PTSD - reducing the chances of a destabilizing experience, and increasing the chances of positive results, and ultimately, a successful trial to support legalization of [x] medicine protocol for [y] diagnosis.

Notably, this careful selection process is never stated in the media headlines.

You might be wondering -- if the medicines work, then why do they need to select so carefully?

Because the science does not formally recognize healers or the energetic aspects of the work, and feel that to do so is to risk ridicule from the broader academic community.

As a result, the science (by definition) is still stuck in the Newtonian world-view and rationality: psychedelic compound isolation, protocols, and the hope for deterministic results.

Scientists are also encouraged not to take psychedelics themselves, lest they be compromised in their ability to "do the science".

So they are not permitted to elevate their consciousness, but are expected to guide others to higher levels of consciousness?

Scuba instructors guiding Everest expeditions.

Of course, many people already recognize this. They are seeking out Ayahuasca retreats (made up of 430+ compounds) led by spiritual healers, and travelling to do so - budgets permitting.

Recommendation: invest in organizations that are pursuing the medicines and experiences that people want (Psilocybin / Magic Mushrooms, Ayahuasca, 5-MeO-DMT) in containers that allow for deep healing

3. Healers don't want to work for a large corporate

Corporations exist to maximize returns to shareholders. It's extractive and disconnected from externalities, and indeed one of the major problems on our planet.

Any organization who thinks they're going to hire a bunch of healers to work in mid-town and track their utilization rates in KPI reports is in for a rude awakening, and might plan for a trip to South America sooner than later to save themselves and their shareholders a lot of hassle and money.

Side note: Over the past 18 months, I've spoken to a number of the psychedelic CEO's. At my estimate, >70% have never participated in an Ayahuasca retreat. Intentional psilocybin mushroom journeys at home seems to be the theme. There's no right and wrong here, I was just surprised by this.

Recommendation: Ask any organization you're going to invest in why healers will want to work for them. Avoid organizations that are primarily out for a buck, because they won't be the winners.

4. Psychedelics will emerge as a service rather than a product

A lot of the money and people from cannabis are now moving into psychedelics, and are also thinking of psychedelic medicine in a product-centric way.

While there's plenty of reasons to take a psychedelic drug, most people seek to do so to improve their quality of life. From what we've seen in clients, and based upon my own experience, we need guidance for the deeper breakthroughs and to keep the benefits.

Those who buy medicine are incredibly particular about where they buy from (more in the next point).

Recommendation: Invest in organizations that think of psychedelic treatment as a service, rather than as a product.

5. The energy behind the medicine used is important

The reason that healers are particular about where the medicine comes from is that the source of the medicine affects the journey itself.

One of our private healers buys their psilocybin from a couple who sing mantras to the mushrooms every day as they water them. I would've laughed at that 5 years ago - now I totally get it.

If an organization is talking about their proposed 50,000 sq ft cutting edge growing facility outside of Santa Cruz, run. More broadly, beware those that are focused on psychedelic substance and drug development - we already have the plants.

Recommendation: Take the time and energy to sense the energy behind the psychedelic company that you're investing in

6. Beware the patent-seekers and re-branders

Psychedelics were made illegal because they help people transcend the command-and-control worldview of those in power, and to embody the higher ideals of freedom, peace, love, and happiness.

So when companies try to patent plant medicine and control it's access, suffice to say it's a little disappointing.

There are also a number of organizations in the "psychedelics industry" that are eager to go-to-market with Ketamine, and so are doing their utmost to rebrand this medicine as psychedelic.

The science has shown Ketamine can be beneficial, although it's proven to be limited in its lasting effects, and also has addictive potential - in contrast to say, a psychedelic mushroom.

Recommendation: If the business depends upon control, massaging the truth, or synthetics, think twice. There are larger forces at play.

7. As ever, people will gravitate to what works

Everything aside, my recommendation would be to find the thing that works for you, and to invest in a psychedelics company that's doing that. That's what I've done, anyway.

That way, every time you talk about the business, there will be an infectious smile across your face. You can't fake that, and others will follow in your footsteps.

Ultimately, this really isn't about money -- it's about moving out of this ego-centric paradigm of limitation, control, and scarcity, and towards collective freedom, love, and abundance.

Every day, more people know that this future is possible, and are investing their love, time, and energy accordingly. As an investor, that's something to be proud of.

Blessings and health to you & yours. Aloha,



For those of you who are institutional investors or want to get a better feel for the psychedelic industry or specific psychedelic stocks, a few recommendations. Check out the conscious fund, mind medicine, atai life sciences, field trip health, numinus wellness, tryp therapeutics, beckley psytech, awakn life sciences, Compass Pathways and George Goldsmith, MAPS and Rick Doblin, and leading research from Johns Hopkins.

Health Canada is leading the charge in terms of progressive policy (in my view). You may also look at insight reports from OTC pink or the defiance ETF.

There's a lot of psychedelics startups emerging moving fast in this new frontier of life science, introducing new psychedelic drugs and developing approaches for specific mental illness.

Do your own due diligence! All rights reserved.

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