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Blog | The Launch of Behold Retreats

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Friends! I am most excited to share with you the launch of Behold Retreats. 

In particular, I am excited about and grateful for:

  • our mission to educate and spread the benefits of plant medicine therapy
  • the Behold Retreats team and diverse set of advisors that are quickly coming together.
  • the generous guidance we have received from the plant medicine community as we stormed and formed the concept for Behold.
  • the road ahead!

The initial response from media and PR has been positive – through these conversations amongst others it has become clear that the world is in need of, and ready for effective modalities to improve performance, well-being, and mental health. 

While initially excited about launching something more advocacy-oriented, the quick pivot to Behold Retreats will more rapidly benefit more people by providing holistic wellness programs incorporating plant medicine retreats in beautiful, safe, and legal settings.

Through providing these programs, it is our ambition to address the common misconceptions regarding plant medicine therapy, and to raise the level of education, awareness, and support.

Establishing Behold Retreats is a natural evolution given my participation and facilitation of a number of retreats over the past few years. 

As part of this effort, I am excited to begin conversations and to build support for more research, and if and how to introduce this important science in a therapeutic context.

While I never thought I’d start a blog – here we are. This blog will be dedicated to sharing insights about mental health, plant medicine, and the occasional related rant.

Aloha! Look forward to sharing more.

Behold Retreats has been established to increase access to high quality plant medicine therapy, providing holistic wellness programs that incorporate retreats in idyllic locations.

For more information, visit Behold Retreats.

For the avoidance of doubt, Behold Retreats does not condone or facilitate any illegal activity.

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