This exclusive Behold Retreats experience is set in the Sacred Valley, the spiritual centre of the Incas. The valley has been a place of healing, rejuvenation and growth for thousands of years. The location has one of the most powerful energies on earth and is an ideal place to delve deeper into your consciousness and the world around you.

We are currently taking bookings for early 2021.

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Why is this journey right for you?

If you search for connection to ancient civilisations and their traditions and want to channel the energy of this age-old wisdom, this is the retreat for you. The location offers rejuvenation, peace and is richly connected to the history of Ayahuasca. This retreat offers a high level of accommodation, small retreat numbers and an individual and personal approach to you and your intentions.

What to expect?

Wake up each morning in your individually designed private room with ensuite bathroom. Each room is subtly themed around a different chakra - from the red root Muludhara chakra to the beautiful blue hues of the Vishuddha Room. Each comes with direct access to the tranquil garden and will offer a relaxing atmosphere for journaling, reflection and relaxation.

Begin your day with a yoga session, a grounding meditation or a native ceremony. Feast on locally sourced and carefully prepared plant based meals, rest by rushing waterfalls and take in the natural wonder of the Sacred Valley which surrounds you from the minute you arrive. On ceremony days you will be guided through preparation in the morning and late evening before being settled into the dedicated space...from there the journey is your own and the team is here only to help and enrich.

What is typically included in one of our journeys?

Pre - Retreat
  • Dedicated Elevation Manager to coordinate your journey, advice on preparation and diet, provide integration support post-retreat, and answer any questions
  • [Optional] Materials to support self-inquiry and accelerate personal growth
  • [Optional] Sessions with your coach / therapist to prepare and set intentions

During the Retreat
  • 6 nights accommodation in a private room with en-suite bathroom
  • 3 Ceremonies led by our highly experienced healers and facilitators
  • Group sharing sessions, and individual coaching / therapy sessions
  • Plant based meals made with locally sourced food
  • Guided yoga and meditation sessions
  • Return transfers from Cusco Airport
  • Plenty of time to rest, reflect, and journal

Post - Retreat
  • Guidance on how to sustain benefits and continue growth
  • Follow-ups to help you hold yourself accountable
  • Access to the Behold Retreats Community
  • [Optional] Post-integration coaching / therapy to integrate lessons learned
from $6k USD
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