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What Are Magic Truffles? (Safe, Legal, and Where To Buy)

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You may be familiar with the psychedelic mushroom commonly referred to recreationally as “shrooms,” or “magic mushrooms”. 

These hallucinogenic mushrooms, previously known as stropharia cubensis and now renamed as psilocybe cubensis, are famous for producing strong visual effects and a deeply introspective journey thanks to their psychedelic compound psilocybin. Psilocybin is the main alkaloid exhibiting hallucinogenic properties.

If you have ingested a hallucinogenic mushroom or a psychedelic drug before you will find magic truffles (psilocybin truffles) to produce a similar experience.

What are magic truffles?

Magic truffles are a class of psychoactive fungi which contain the psychedelic compounds psilocybin and psilocin. You may be familiar with their better known counterpart, ‘magic mushrooms’. (psilocybin mushroom, psilocybe mushrooms, psilocybe cubensis). In fact, magic truffles are actually the same as magic mushrooms belonging to the same species of psychoactive fungi, just at a different stage of development. 

Known as sclerotia, psychoactive truffles are simply a dormant form of fungus, which store food reserves in a hardened mycelium, until ready to grow into psychoactive mushrooms. They are essentially the subterranean part of a mushroom.

There are several species of truffles containing the psychoactive compounds psilocybin and psilocin. The known species include Psilocybe tampanensis, Psilocybe mexicana, Psilocybe atlantis and Psilocybe galindoii. 

These transformation substances have been used by many ancient cultures to facilitate healing and spiritual growth, and are used in modern times to treat mental health issues as well as to promote overall well-being. 

Both magic mushrooms and psilocybin truffles can produce a powerful and intense psychedelic effect and a deeply introspective experience. 

Are magic truffles legal?

The legal status of psilocybin mushrooms varies worldwide. In 1971 the United Nations listed both psilocybin and psilocin as a Schedule I drug under the Convention on Psychotropic Substances. However, psilocybin mushrooms show incredible promise for medical use, are used for religious reasons in numerous cultures, and have a significantly lower potential for abuse than a substance like alcohol. Many countries are moving towards the decriminalization and therapeutic use of the psychoactive substance psilocybin. 

Psilocybin truffles are legal in The Netherlands, where the government has allowed them to be bought and consumed. Magic mushrooms on the other hand have been made a controlled substance and deemed illegal since 2007. 

Fresh and dry psilocybin truffles are sold in head shops across the country and used in healing retreats. At Behold Retreats, we have chosen to use these incredible fungi as the substance of choice for our retreats in the Netherlands.

Brazil, Bahamas, Jamaica, Nepal, and Samoa have listed psilocybin as a legal substance and so it is possible to find psilocybin truffles in healing centers or recreational shrooms. 

The British Virgin islands and Portugal are in the grey area in terms of legality where psilocybin truffles are decriminalized, although it might be more difficult to find a magic truffle or magic mushroom shop than in the Netherlands. 

The United States and Canada are currently experiencing a movement to decriminalize psilocybin that began in the late 2010s. So far, Denver, Colorado, Oakland, California, and Santa Cruz, California have decriminalized. 

In 2020, Health Canada granted 20 exemptions for psilocybin therapy to 20 cancer patients to treat their end-of-life distress. There are even dispensaries that sell dried magic mushrooms and psilocybin truffles. Proceed with caution, as they too operate in a grey area. 

Are magic truffles safe? 

Psilocybin truffles are safe when taken with proper precaution like other  hallucinogenic drugs. We highly recommend that you work with an expert guide to determine if you are a fit for the experience. Set, setting, and dose play an integral role in your experience, as well as preparation and integration. 

When consuming magic truffles it is important to understand your own medical and psychological history and any contraindications. For example, those with bipolar or schizophrenia should not consume magic truffles as they can cause adverse reactions. 

It is important to be adequately prepared; knowing what to expect, setting intentions and expectations, becoming equipped to handle negative emotions that may arise, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for the journey, having a reliable and experienced facilitator to guide you through, and much more. This will help to reduce the chances of experiencing a 'bad trip'.

At Behold Retreats we ensure world class medical protocols and support to ensure that you have a safe and transformative journey. With our 7-week life accelerator we provide you with the tools for success before, during and after your journey. 

Why magic truffles? 

The psychoactive ingredient psilocybin in magic truffles has been named by the FDA as a “breakthrough therapy” for treatment-resistant depression and anxiety. Numerous studies from Johns Hopkins University, Imperial College in London, and Harvard university show the effectiveness of psilocybin in the treatment of anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, and addiction. 

Users report healing past trauma, overcoming limiting beliefs, and deepening their spirituality, often reporting mystic-like experiences. Benefits typically include an increased sense of joy, purpose, and meaning and feeling connected with oneself, others, and the world. 

In one clinical trial from Johns Hopkins University, about 80% of healthy participants who experienced a psilocybin session named it to be among the top 5 of the most personally and spiritually significant of their lives. And about 90% reported increased life satisfaction and positive behavioural change, including increased positive move and better social relationships. 

In comparison to magic mushrooms, magic truffles are said to produce a less intense, shorter journey, as they contain lower concentration of the active substance psilocybin. That being said, they contain enough to induce a powerful and profound psychedelic experience which should be approached with guidance. 

The advantage of consuming magic truffles in The Netherlands is that you will be able to attain a reliable and controlled dose of psilocybin as it is a legal market and produced by dedicated manufacturers.  


What is the magic truffles experience like?

The magic truffle trip is reported to be very similar to a magic mushroom trip. Effects typically last 4-6 hours, with the peak coming in at the 2 hour mark. 

Psilocybin truffles can be ingested in a variety of ways; either eaten fresh, brewed into a tea, or dried and packed into capsules. If you do not enjoy the earthy taste of mushrooms, tea is probably your best bet. 

Effects of the psychedelic trip can be intense and include shifts in perception including tactile sensations, heightened emotions, deep insights, and a sense of interconnectedness with the world around. It is common to experience different forms of visual hallucination. At higher doses you may experience ego-dissolution and mystical experiences. 

Intense emotions are common - both pleasurable and challenging. Colours may become brighter and more intense and shapes may blur, surfaces may look like they are swirling, and you may have a sense that your surroundings are ‘breathing’. 

Your thoughts may become more cohesive, creative and interconnected. Objects and people may change characteristics and take on new significance. You might be drawn to nature and feel especially amazed by its beauty.

Deep feelings of gratitude, euphoria, and connection are often felt. You may gain new perspectives, or a bird’s eye view on your own life, behaviours, limitations, and those of those around you. 

What is a magic truffle retreat?

A magic truffle retreat usually entails spending 3-7 days at a retreat center or private property immersed in nature, where you will experience typically 2 high-dose medicine ceremonies using psilocybin truffles. 

You will be guided by an experienced facilitator, therapist, or healer during your journey. Either done privately or in a group setting, you will ingest the truffle tea (or other form) and be directed to go inward, wearing a blindfold and listening to activating, ceremonial music. 

In between ceremonies you will experience integration sharing circles and workshops, along with healing modalities such as yoga, breathwork, massage, and energy work. Food is fresh and vegetarian and you will be given ample time to connect with nature, rest, meditate, walk, journal, and if you chose, connect with others. 

Experienced trippers may find that a magic truffle retreat can facilitate a much deeper and profound journey than using recreational psychedelics. 

If you would like to learn more about Behold Retreat’s psychedelic retreats apply for a free discovery call today!


Where can you buy magic truffles?

The Netherlands is the only place you can legally buy magic truffles. A 15 gram pack of psilocybin truffles typically costs anywhere from 12-25 euros in the Netherlands, with some smart shops offering the option to purchase bulk truffles. 

Some companies will ship dry or fresh magic truffles to other countries, but this is not a legal option. If you live in a country where magic mushrooms are illegal you could be at risk for being persecuted for purchasing, consuming, or even growing magic truffles.

Magic truffles are known to grow in the wild in countries with a suitable climate. You may have luck finding a fresh magic truffle in a damp woodland but will need to be skilled in identifying psilocybin-containing fungi and poisonous species as well. 

How can you grow magic truffles? 

The cultivation of magic truffles is more of less the same process as growing magic mushrooms, using psilocybin spores. 

 Unlike culinary truffles, such as white truffles, which require very specific environmental conditions to grow, psychedelic truffles are much easier to grow and harvest and can be done so in artificial environments. 

It is possible to grow your own magic truffles by purchasing a grow kit or magic mushroom spores which you can purchase from a smart shop in The Netherlands for example. 

The technique is similar to the process of growing psilocybin mushrooms, where you place the spore in a damp, humid, and sterile environment. But, you will ensure that the environmental conditions are not favorable for full mushroom growth so that the fungi remain in the truffle stage. 

Harvesting is fairly simple, although the truffles take months to reach their full size. Dried truffles take about 4-8 days to dry after harvest, but last significantly longer than fresh truffles, as do dried mushrooms versus fresh mushrooms. 

While growing truffles or growing mushrooms you may need a mason jar, spore syringe, spore print, mushroom stopper, bulk substrate or substrate to help produce the fruiting body, and the psilocybin mushroom spores / magic mushroom spore. 

What are the different types of magic truffles? 

There are many different varieties and species of psilocybin truffles, but we have narrowed down a few popular ones here for you. 

The psilocybe hollandia truffle is a special and carefully selected species which produces a powerful and visual trip. This truffle is for the experienced tripper who wants to take the next step for a more intense experience. 

The psilocybe utopia is a special sclerotia type, the strongest truffle you can get, and is a variant of the famous atlantis magic truffles. Even an experienced psychonaut should be prepared and cautious before taking this journey. 

The psilocybe azurescens is another one of the most potent of the tryptamine truffle species. 

The psilocybe atlantis, also known as the atlantis truffle or atlantis magic truffle, is a popular species that has a lighter visual effect than most others. It is a great option for first-timers as it is not the strongest magic truffle. 

The psilocybe tampanensis, also known as the “philosopher’s stone” produces a strong introspective trip without much visual experience. 


Are magic truffles used in the pharmaceutical industry? 

Psychedelic drugs such as cannabis, MDMA, Ketamine, and pure psilocybin and psilocin (the active substances) in magic truffles are currently being studied and produced by well known universities and pharmaceutical companies for treatment against depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, and other psychological concerns. 

While some companies are looking to produce synthetic psilocybin, others are using the natural active substances in psilocybin mushrooms and psilocybin truffles to produce a psychedelic drug that can be used therapeutically and in a microdosing setting. 

Companies already in the cannabis industry are starting to move towards producing psychedelic medications, such as Creso Pharma. 

Are magic truffles legal in the USA? 

“Buy magic truffles USA” or “Buy magic mushroom” are some of the top key searches on google, and yet this cannot be done legally - unless you are in one of the few places who have recently decriminalized the psychoactive substance.   

Denver, Oakland, Santa Cruz, Somerville, Cambridge Massachusetts, and Oregon are amongst the first to decriminalize shrooms, with over 100 cities looking to follow suit. 

The cultivation, sale, and possession of this psychedelic substance in the USA is illegal. They are considered “soft drugs,” along with marijuana and LSD for example, which are not thought to cause physical or psychological addiction or dependence to the extent of “hard drugs”. 

 In some states you could face a criminal charge or a criminal penalty even for the possession of small amounts of psilocybin containing mushrooms. The drug laws and charges for the possession of the illegal substance range from state level felony to first degree felony. Purchasing a magic truffle growing kit may also be illegal in many states. 

The movement towards decriminalization of the psychoactive compound psilocybin and other entheogenic plants such as ayahuasca, kratom, and mescaline began in the late 2010s and continues to make movement in states such as California, Colorado, and Vermont. 

What are the various names for psilocybin containing fungi? 

psilocybe cubensis mushroom

psilocybe cubensis

stropharia cubensis 

magic mushrooms

psilocybe mushroom

Psilocybin mushrooms

psilocybe truffles

psilocybin truffles


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