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If ever there was a time to listen, now is it. And it’s worth making the distinction between hearing the words and listening.

We hear the words regarding environmental impact, and have continued to travel for no good reason, to eat fish and meat unsustainably produced, and produce trash in heaps. We’ve heard the words, but we haven’t listened.

We hear the words from philosophers, ancient and contemporary, on how to lead a meaningful, contended life. Yet we continue to chase promotions, success, nonsense on Instagram, and material wealth. We’ve heard the words, but we haven’t listened.

We hear the words that plant medicine provides ineffable insights into the nature of ourselves, all things being interconnected, the laws of the universe, and kicking open the door to spirituality. Perhaps even at the core of our being we know there is more to life, and that we haven’t yet found our sense of purpose and belonging on the planet.

And yet, we’ve only heard the words, we haven’t listened.


We know there is 20+ years of research to provide evidence for the safety and effectiveness of plant medicine like Ayahuasca and Psilocybin to improve quality of life from John Hopkins University, Harvard, Yale, NYU, Imperial College, and other leading institutions.

That’s what we’ve heard, but we haven’t found the courage to listen.

So my question today is – what would it take for you to have the courage to overcome the apprehensions and trepidations, and to listen to yourself, to listen to the plants, and to listen to the wisdom of the universe.

In other words, what would it take for you to find the courage to REALLY listen?

Note: I’m not proposing this path is for everyone. It’s a deeply personal decision, we are just doing our bit to progress this conversation in the right direction, and to understand what stands between you and the universal wisdom available from the plants. All reasons are 100% valid! The path we choose is the right one for us

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