Lyn D.

Marketing Strategist, Hong Kong.

While I had done my research my research and intention setting ahead of the retreat, I will admit I was still nervous, having no previous experience with plant medicine.

From day one of the retreat, the Behold team made me comfortable, providing the details of the plant medicine, the history, its healing powers, and how it can be harnessed to live a life with greater appreciation and awareness. They provided practical exercises for us to ground ourselves, refine our intentions, and enjoy the experience throughout. Meditation, qi gong, breathwork, and nature appreciation.

Conversations flowed naturally in and out of the sessions. Through the retreat, I gained a deeper appreciation for all that I have, and the “complex simplicity” and beauty of life. Cliché as it may sound, these realizations sunk into my heart and mind as never before. I also felt some energy blockages removed, and that my chi now flows more freely.

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