This exclusive Behold Retreats experience takes place in 40 acres of energy filled forest an hour outside Amsterdam. This has been a place of personal growth for over 30 years and has rewarded many with more spiritual connectivity to the world and people around them over this time. With manicured gardens and enchanting forests there is much to explore as you reconnect with yourself and with nature.

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The Location

If you are taking a plant medicine journey for the first time this is an ideal place for you. Led by a team of experts with extensive experience in working with people on a psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual level their passion is to bring transformation on a personal and spiritual level to all kinds of participants from all over the world. The ceremonies are undertaken out in the gardens where possible and strike a balance between the medical and the spiritual that allows for everyone to take away as much as possible from the experience.

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Throughout the 7-day journey, you will be led by the team through a detailed preparation briefing and have the opportunity to set your intentions with the facilitators as well as getting to know and understand the rest of the group around you. On the day of the ceremony you will begin with a breakfast of locally sourced produce followed by a yoga and meditation session to ground yourself in your body and learn breathwork techniques to assist you in relaxing and letting go. The ceremony itself will take place in the afternoon in order to allow you to enjoy the wonder of the natural world during the experience.

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  • Dedicated Elevation Manager to coordinate your journey, provide advice, and answer any questions
  • [Optional] Materials to support self-inquiry and accelerate personal growth
  • [Optional] Sessions with your  coach / therapist to prepare and set intentions
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  • 6 nights accommodation in a private room with en-suite bathroom
  • 2 Psilocybin ceremonies led by highly experienced facilitators
  • Plant based meals throughout
  • Daily Yoga or meditation sessions
  • Time to reflect, journal and take in the wonder of this stunning natural setting
  • Further sessions with your coach / therapist to discuss the ceremonies and any learnings or breakthroughs achieved

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Expert guidance and facilitation makes all the difference.
(3 weeks, remote)
  • Exploratory consultation to understand whether we are a fit
  • 1-1 and group coaching to solidify goals, identify and overcome limiting beliefs
  • Mental and emotional work, guided self-inquiry, exercises, and meditations
  • Intention setting and prep for retreat
Life-changing retreat
(1 week+, on location)
  • All-inclusive private or group plant medicine retreat in idyllic location
  • Ceremonies led by highly experienced healers and facilitators
  • Plant based meals
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Time to rest, reflect, and journal
(3 weeks, remote)
  • Guided integration of experiences and insights, and to let go of the past
  • Additional 1-1 and group coaching to get clear on your path and priorities
  • Tools for pulling yourself out of a slump, continuing growth, manifestation,  and bringing forward your future
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