Ayahuasca Retreat & Eco-Tour in Ecuador

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Ayahuasca Retreat in Ecuador

Ecuador is famed for it's ecological and cultural diversity. From the flora and fauna of the Amazonian rainforest to the pristine sands of the long coastline this country is full of richness and possibility. Ecuadorian people come from multi-cultural backgrounds incorporating a European influence alongside ancient Incan heritage and practice. This part of the Amazon Basin is where Ayahuasca was used for generations of indigenous cultures and the traditions and age-old rites continue to play a big part in life today. It is often overlooked for it's more tourist hungry neighbor, Peru, but there is so many unspoiled natural wonders to discover this should be just as high up everyone's bucket list.

Behold Retreats believe in personal journeys. If you are someone who believes in the power of tradition, culture and connection, then Ecuador is for you. The Ecuadorian experience series are all capped at 6 participants so the healing is deeply individual and spiritual. The locations may vary depending on the experience you are looking for from this magical country - from a luxurious beach side villa with full staff, to a river-side eco-lodge in the heart of the jungle or even a camping spot near a traditional tribal land of elders, you choose the journey that is right for you.

Private & Bespoke

Let us find a venue that suits you, whether that be a large luxurious villa on the oceans edge in the Santa Elena province, near the quiet coastal towns that line the stunning, picture-perfect beaches of the region or a stylish, hilltop hacienda moments from the equator in the tropical north of the country. Ecuador

You will receive a full itinerary for your 7-night stay incorporating delicious local food and local specialists who will take you through cleansing ceremonies, renewal activities and aim to provide you with a spiritual renewal around your plant medicine experiences.

Your ceremonies will take place either at the home you have chosen to stay in or at an external venue that has been chosen by your guide due to it's deeper energetic field and cultural significance.

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Ethnobotany Ecuador

We have chosen a tucked away lodge in the heart of the jungle, a conscious space between crystal clear waters and ancient trees. This special corner of the forest is far from cell signals, a place to detach from the digital. The highly sustainable, eco-built property is used not only as a base to explore the Ecuadorian Amazon but also as a healing center.

Esteemed ethnobotanist, Jonathon, will be your guide from the moment you arrive in Ecuador. You will be introduced to traditional, authentic healers who encapsulate the true cultural roots of this experience. Jonathan will first accompany you from Quito to Tena and along the way take you through the natural wonders of Ecuador to reach the lodge. On this journey you will stop off at hot springs, see the magic of the cloud forest and reach the deep forest by mid-afternoon.

On ceremony days you will be prepared by through a series of cleansing rituals including floral ceremonies, bitter and sweet baths to purify your aura and movement practices. This is an authentic, deep, healing experience

Upcoming retreats

Various dates in August - October with Private available upon request.

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Ecuadorian Expedition

This journey is for those who want to go deeper with their plant medicine experience, for those who want to get back to the roots of Ayahuasca and meet the elders who continue the ancient rites of Ayahuasca passed through their ancestors for hundreds of years. Not only will you be meeting elders at the heart of Ecuador's heritage and tradition but also getting into Ecuadors heart - it's deepest and most remote jungle.

After venturing as far as you can go in a 4 x 4 vehicle you will travel up river with your guide by foot and on kayaks to a place beyond the limits of the modern world, somewhere that is truly disconnected and authentic in it's way of life. Here you will come to a camp set up by our team near to the elders village. You will have your own private tent for the duration of your stay which, depending on your interests, could be anywhere from 7 - 20 nights. During your time you will see the way the village works, experience and help with every day existence for a tribe of people whose way of life has somehow become outdated in our society and yet brings them such inner peace and joy you cannot help but surround yourself with it.

Experience plant medicine ceremonies guided by elders and the village shaman and get to the soul of Ecuador's ancient heritage. This expedition requires physical and mental fortitude and is ideally for those who are already experienced in remote, adventure travel and also in plant medicine.

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Ceremony 1

Rest Day

Ceremony 2

Ceremony 3


Arrival and check-in
Light breakfast
Free time
Lagoon-side picnic breakfast
Light breakfast
Sunrise meditation
Early morning bufo ceremony
Lagoon swimming and bufo ceremony
Bufo ceremony
Breathwork class
Farewell breakfast
At Leisure
Reiki session
Free time
Evening cacao ceremony & fire sharing circle
Welcome dinner

Your retreat schedule has been designed to provide ample free time for journaling, reflection, integration, and relaxation. Additional activities can be scheduled (e.g. more yoga, guided meditation, massages, etc), although we recommend keeping your calendar flexible. Minor changes to schedule may be made under the guidance of retreat facilitators and healers

Expert guidance and facilitation makes all the difference.
(3 weeks, remote)
  • Exploratory consultation to understand whether we are a fit
  • 1-1 and group coaching to solidify goals, identify and overcome limiting beliefs
  • Mental and emotional work, guided self-inquiry, exercises, and meditations
  • Intention setting and prep for retreat
Life-changing retreat
(1 week+, on location)
  • All-inclusive private or group plant medicine retreat in idyllic location
  • Ceremonies led by highly experienced healers and facilitators
  • Plant based meals
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Time to rest, reflect, and journal
(3 weeks, remote)
  • Guided integration of experiences and insights, and to let go of the past
  • Additional 1-1 and group coaching to get clear on your path and priorities
  • Tools for pulling yourself out of a slump, continuing growth, manifestation,  and bringing forward your future
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