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My first breakthrough with plant medicine was the realization that the ONLY thing between me and everything I ever dreamed of was... me.

Academically, we all understand this on some level, but this was profound and experiential. The universe was pushing this understanding into every cell of my mind, body, heart, and spirit.

I asked again, incredulous:


My ego was fighting back, fearful, and desperate for excuses. Surely there's more to it than that, external factors that play a role in what I can and cannot do. What about all the bullying and racism I endured as a kid? Am I smart enough? People don't appreciate me. I don't have the right experience, or the finances.

I'm willing to take on personal responsibility, but surely it's not 100% on me, is it?

The message came back, twice as strong.


Yes, really, and 100%.

You can achieve whatever you can imagine, and ONLY you stand in the way (a product of the primacy of consciousness).

Any difference in understanding is a reflection of unresolved trauma, projections of a lower level of consciousness, and ultimately, bullshit.

Despite the powerful experience, I didn't have much in the way of guidance after the ceremony, and honestly, I didn't do a great job integrating this breakthrough the first time around.

It's a process!

As the world changes faster and faster, and not always in ways that we like, staying anchored in our individual power is of critical importance.

The outside world is what it is.

Wanting reality to be different than it is can only lead to frustration, anger, or worse.

Which is not to say we cannot improve the world, we can and we are. But it needs to come from a place of inner peace, or we are just perpetuating more madness.

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