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Clubhouse, Psychedelics, and Gaining Followers

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Clubhouse and Psychedelics, how are we using this tools? Psychedelics boost neurogenesis and neuroplasticity. Behold Retreats, a wellness company that specialises in the therapeutic use of plant-based medicine to aid in personal and spiritual growth. Plant medicine luxury retreat, ayahuasca, psychedelics, psilocybin, 5-meo DMT. Science, infographics, research

I joined a conversation about psychedelics on Clubhouse yesterday, and frankly, it was TERRIFYING.

People are dishing out authoritative "psychedelic advice" in 30 second sound-bytes to grow their following without the slightest understanding of the individual, their history, or their situation.

Answers come thick and fast from self-proclaimed experts, but the questions are not even being asked.

One hopeful gentleman sought advice for his friend, who suffers from depression and suicidal thoughts.

Channel response? “Your friend should try ketamine; I can connect you with someone that operates a clinic in your jurisdiction”.


To set context, my intention in joining the channel was to network a little bit, understand more about what is happening on clubhouse in the psychedelic space, and to see what good things may arise.

But in that moment, recognizing that nobody had anything else to say to this gentleman regarding his friend’s case, I couldn’t help but ask – “does he want to heal?”

His response: “No, that’s the whole problem, he doesn’t want to get help”.

Wait, what?

·      Who is this person?

·      What’s their history?

·      Why are they suffering?

·      Do they want to heal?

·      What have they already tried?

Clubhouse: A Powerful Tool

Psychedelics: A Powerful Tool

How we use them is up to us. We need to SLOW DOWN. Some things do not lend themselves to a 30-second conversation.


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