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Life-affirming Plant Medicine Journeys with Behold Retreats

Ayahuasca, Bufo, and Psilocybin are powerful transformational medicines used to deepen self-understanding, accelerate healing, and expand spiritual awareness.

We invite you to enter the portal if:
  • You are ready to let go of what is holding you back
  • You seek harmony with your thoughts, emotions, and surrounding relationships
  • You would like to bring clarity towards your direction in life
  • You aspire to live life with more ease, love, and joy
  • You recognize the sensitivity of plant medicine work
  • You understand the true value of investing in your self care
  • You don’t want to spend years on slow and direction-less healing work
  • You approach your journey with honesty, vulnerability, and pure intention

Behold offers the Highest Quality Retreats for the discerning. 

We are raising the bar for psychedelic wellness by offering week long, all-inclusive retreats to guests who seek a safe, sacred, and supportive environment for profound work.

Our refined immersions bring together the necessary love, wisdom, and professionalism for the greatest chances of success with plant medicine.

We are unique in that we hold the highest standard for safety and quality through guest curation, expert medical practitioners and spiritual guides, and a holistic and personalized approach.

We asked our retreat guests*

How would you rate your retreat experience? 

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* Based on our Aug 2023 Plant Medicine Retreat Survey. Respondents were made up of 54 Behold Alumni and 170 who attended Other plant medicine retreat centers.

You May Be Wondering:
What Exactly is Behold doing Differently Leading to Greater Safety & Success with Plant Medicine?

We Thoughtfully Select Each Guest.

We take the time and energy to screen, evaluate, and prepare our guests for this deep and focused work. When attendees are well-screened and well-prepared, it sets an environment in which everyone is able to relax, connect with new friends, and trust the process.

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Thorough screening interviews
Retreat attendance is by invitation only
Small group size and bespoke private retreats available

We Provide Personalized Guidance for Every Step of the Journey.

  • Tailored safety advice from trained medical professionals
  • 1:1 retreat preparation and integration support for all guests (this includes pre and post retreat)
  • Expert and well-rested facilitators and medicine guides
  • Coaching and therapy for deeper breakthroughs and lasting, life-changing results
We asked retreat guests*

Did the Safety and Medical Screening feel thorough?


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Your Safety and Care is our Reputation.

Our experienced safety team will consult with you to ensure physical, mental, and emotional preparedness for your journey within. Where required, a personalized safety plan will be developed with you to cater for your short and long term well-being.

We asked retreat guests*

Was the Retreat Preparation meaningful for you?


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All of our guests receive private 1:1 preparation & integration support. We tailor our services and these recommendations to help our guests achieve breakthrough results.

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Did you achieve the Results you were hoping for?


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Our Expert Medicine Guides & Facilitators arrive on Retreat well rested and ready to serve.

Deliberate preparation and small group ceremonies allow for more personalized attention, deeper healing, and life-affirming breakthroughs.

All of our high-vibration medicines are pure and ethically sourced.

We asked retreat guests*

Did you learn tools you believe will support your ongoing development?


(% of yes responses)

For discerning guests who want to multiply the strength of a retreat and achieve more durable, lasting results, we offer empowerment coaching and therapy services.

Ultimately, we spend more time with our own thoughts and emotions than we do with plant medicine, so learning mental and emotional tools is a gift to yourself that lasts a lifetime.

Whether you work with one of our coaches or find another who specializes in plant medicine, we strongly encourage you to work with a coach to achieve better results..

Your future self will thank you later.

With our proven approach, you’ll benefit from more progress with fewer retreats.

Our week-long retreats provide the space for guests to benefit from multiple ceremonies, integrate their experiences, and detox from technology and the demands of the modern world.

Retreat guests are encouraged to find the right balance between time shared with the group and in the comforts of their own personal space.

Memorable immersions in Legal Locations

  • Nurturing locations in nature
  • Balancing modern comfort and harmony with nature
  • Fresh, healthy gourmet food
  • Well-appointed, clean boutique rooms

A Life-Changing Experience

“It was like no other experience I’ve ever had in my life. It took me along the Hero’s Journey.”

Cullen, COO

Our medicine offerings


  • DMT main active compound
  • More physically demanding
  • Detoxification and purgative effects
  • Ceremony length 4-6+ hours

Bufo (5-MeO-DMT)

  • Recognized as 4-6x more powerful than Ayahuasca
  • Non-dual / Ego transcending experience
  • Medicine is smoked
  • Peak of experience ~20 minutes


  • Most well-researched
  • Gentler physically
  • Ceremony length 4-6 hours

Pricing & Dates

Explore Upcoming Retreats

Ayahuasca Retreat in Costa Rica
6 Nights, 7 Days
All-Inclusive Retreat
7-10 Guests
$7,650 USD

* Private retreat option available

Jul 28th - Aug 3rd
Sep 22nd - 28th
Sold Out
Oct 6th - 12th
Oct 13th - 19th
Nov 3rd - 9th
Nov 10th - 16th

Looking for something a bit more personalized?

Experiences From Our Guests

I loved the people, the bonding, the shared memories, the trust, the love, and the whole experience. It's been incredible. Migueleon, Sara & Aleia are shining angels and are the most incredible people who makean incredible team. They made this experience what it is and you guys should be honored to have them working for you.

Adele Bradley

Retreat Participant
Psilocybin Retreat in Costa Rica

The connection was amazing there with the group and facilitators. It was a safe place and I think that helped with the overall experience as well. If someone is ready to do the work and want a change in their life, I can see how this medicine can help.

David Woodford

Retreat Participant
Ayahuasca Retreat in Costa Rica

Great experience! This was my second time doing a Behold retreat and it definitely delivered again :) The sweat lodge was magical, the facilitators were very knowledgeable and experienced, the location was beautiful and I really enjoyed the house we stayed at! Then of course the medicine did its job and was very powerful! Having the alternative food options was nice as well at most of the meals. I'm not a huge mushroom fan so it was helpful when the cooks did that as well.
Overall it's all part of the experience and I'm grateful for it!

Reyden Egbert

Retreat Participant
Bufo/DMT Retreat in Mexico

I loved the sacred and safe space that was held, which enabled me to surrender fully. If you are looking for a profound experience then the setting and the group size are key. The setting at Resonance Costa Rica is ideal with access to the beauty of Nature and luxury. The small group size I experienced (9 participants) enabled me to connect with each one of them and not be overwhelmed by everybody's energy during ceremonies.

Fé Valvekens

Retreat Participant
Ayahuasca Retreat in Costa Rica

I cant believe that the healer and the facilitators (Heather, Sara, and Migueleon) are real or human being ! They must be sent from heaven. I [previously] had rough journeys and aggressive trips with Aya, the support that I received from the team was unbelievable, I have never been supported in that in my whole life. I am beyond honored blessed to have met them. Second thing I liked is the food quality was brilliant amazing! My room was excellent and my view was very needed to rest and heal. Hot water showers was heaven. Music from Megel, Sara, and Heather - their classes were on point. They left their rooms open incase anyone needed them during the night. The retreat staff smiling to us and very friendly. Believe me word are not enough.


Retreat Participant
Psilocybin Retreat in Portugal

An experience that will never be forgotten. I found a level of peace & love in my heart that I never knew existed. I met total strangers that became family in a matter of days. What I thought was once a burden I would live with forever was relinquished and replaced with a happiness I will forever cherish and share with the world. Thank you Luke, Alexa, Elizabeth and Mark for creating this space.

John Paul Galatioto

Retreat Participant
Bufo/DMT Retreat in Mexico

Typical Retreat Inclusions:

  • Nurturing locations in nature
  • Up to 3 Medicine Ceremonies
  • Daily Movement & Meditation
  • Poolside Yoga
  • High Quality Accommodation
  • Massage & Spa Treatments
  • Safety Screening
  • Beautiful Tropical Scenery
  • Highly Trained Support Team
  • Chef Prepared, Highly Nutritious Meals
  • Physical & Digital Detox (Wifi if needed)
  • Travel & Planning Assistance
  • Pre Retreat Dietary Protocol
  • Complimentary Airport Shuttles
  • Unwavering Support

“In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.”

- Buddha

Ready for a life-changing experience?