Leader transformations.

To deliver exponential results in today's environment, leaders must overcome the analytical mind. 

Leaders focus on results, they always have. Today, results are expected amidst turbulent changes and growing complexity, and many leaders are feeling overwhelmed.

To deliver results under such conditions, there is a temptation to meet the complexity on its terms - with more activity, more thinking.

This is a trap of the analytical and linear mind, and there is another, proven path. However, a paradox awaits: if we believe we can develop the power of our intuition "beyond the mind", we are correct, and we can grow in humble pursuit. On the other hand, if we do not believe there is something beyond the mind, we are also correct, as this reflects the limitation placed upon ourselves.

Going beyond the mind to release the exponential leader within you.

With commitment, humility, and vulnerability, the analytical mind can be released, yielding peaceful quietude within, authenticity, and setting the context for exponential results in the outside world.

An exponential leader has transcended the purely rational to become deeply intuitive and heart-felt, and does not require deeper analysis, endless spreadsheets, and late project meetings to achieve results.

An exponential leader retreats to find clarity of purpose and activities from within, harmonizes a shared vision with a broader collective, removes blockages, energizes, and organizes for massive action.

Now more than ever, our world needs exponential leaders, as a point of leverage to accelerate our collective progression.

Our 8-week leadership transformation program has been designed to accelerate progression to the exponential.

What's included
  • Calibrate current level of consciousness, unearth associated limiting beliefs
  • Resources to guide own self-inquiry and consciousness development
  • Weekly individual exercises to progress self-inquiry
  • Weekly individual coaching sessions to discuss and release blockages that may arise
  • Weekly group sessions to connect with peers and exchange learnings
  • Immersive 7-day all-inclusive leadership retreat amongst peers in a beautiful, idyllic location
  • Community membership and support

Investment of $19.5k USD

If you intuit that Behold Retreats can support you in achieving your highest ambitions, let’s connect, calibrate, and release the exponential within you.

Begin your journey

"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way"

- John C. Maxwell
We consult purpose-driven organizations to achieve exponential results.
Release the exponential leader within you.
Heal, grow, and transcend the mind to release the exponential within you.