Plant Medicine.

Plant medicine traditions are thousands of years old, and rapidly emerging as an accepted treatment modality in the west.

The experiences themselves are transformational, leading to significant revelations that, with the proper guidance, can provide the basis for lifelong improvements to quality of life.
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Plant medicine is a rapidly-emerging industry.

Research from leading medical institutions like John Hopkins University and Imperial College of London have unequivocally proven plant medicine to be safe and effective.  

Forward-thinking investors like Peter Thiel and Tim Ferriss are rapidly developing this emergent industry, with large investments being made on R&D, distribution, and legalization.  

After decades of counterproductive policies, legalization initiatives are now gaining traction throughout the world – most notably in North America and Europe. 

To provide one such example, the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), recently designated such work as a “breakthrough therapy”, a key milestone for legalization.
Plant medicine has a unique ability to reveal to you that which requires attention in your life, and your big opportunities for personal growth.

Working closely with our team, we will design a holistic journey tailored specifically to your needs and preferences.

Within your program, we will plan for a high-end, transformational retreat at one of our global retreat centres.

We have beautiful locations available in the countryside, the jungle, and in the mountains, and retreats based upon ayahuasca, psilocybin and San Pedro plant medicine.  

Our guiding light is that you return home from your retreat feeling rejuvenated, motivated, and excited about life.
Plant medicine therapy promotes neurogenesis: new neurons are formed, new neuronal connections are made, and we benefit from an increased neuroplasticity. 

These expanded states of consciousness have a profound capability to provide new perspectives and opportunities to improve how we relate to ourselves, how we relate to others, and how we relate to and interact with the world at large. 

While many revelations on retreat can feel revolutionary, the key to sustained benefits is the quality of integration work post-retreat.  

With your coach, we will map out the integration plan to maximize the benefits from our work together, and maintain your peak performance and well-being. 

Are you ready to elevate yourself?

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